Saturday, October 16, 2004

This is how things stand Posted by Hello

at the moment. After all this fussing and grumbling, I'm making enough progress that it is time at least to begin thinking of how far it is to the underarms. The model, Helen's Wedding Sweater, has underarm gussets. I might as well attempt that again. My copious notes about the knitting of the earlier sweater are mostly concerned with fitting in the rows of motifs. I find that I have written "sleeve gusset - 25 stitches -- row 8 of swan" and "40 rounds above armpit of swan" -- that doesn't make any sense, and neither remark is very helpful.

I'm still not enjoying myself much although yesterday may have been a bit better. I'm still fiddling with the colors.

Blogging seems to have settled down (touch wood). My next two objectives are to incorporate an "email me" button and figure out how to have a page of useful pictures, not many, always accessible. On it at the moment would be Helen's Wedding Sweater, and -- permanently, I think -- our house in Kirkmichael, where we're going next week.

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