Thursday, October 14, 2004

Progress on the Stillwater

I am feeling very rabbit-in-the-headlights about this project. The photograph below conveys something of the same mood, having been taken by flash in the dark early morning.

I've done a few inches, as you see. Last night, I decided I didn't really like the top, dark bit and should maybe rip back to the first inch, which is more or less dark purple on grey (one of Starmore's colourways!) and see if I have enough yarn to do the whole thing like that.

The Stillwater in progress Posted by Hello

This morning, when I went in there just now to take the pic, I felt a bit more cheerful about it. Maybe I'll just press on. There are adjustments to be made, certainly. The transition from light background to dark background is too abrupt, and a line of green in there just above the red doesn't look remotely Titianesque, it looks Christmas-y, which is NOT what we want. But these problems can be dealt with on the next pass through the yarns -- green will simply not be called on again, and the background shades can be rejigged too.

When daylight finally arrives, I'll have a good look at the whole thing. Still two months to go until the solstice, and daylight is getting a bit scarce.

But I sort of wish I had a lot of projects going, so I could do something else today.

Maybe I'll start a baby hat. If I can get sizes right, I could toss off a couple more for Christmas presents. Grandson Archie, for instance, who is eight and lives in Thessaloniki, does a lot of ski-ing in the winter.

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