Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Stillwater -- Latest

I got past the point last night where I had calculated that the underarm gussets would have to start, so the Die is Cast -- no gussets.

I also found myself knitting another dark-on-dark section. I gave some thought (especially in view of what I had written on the subject yesterday morning) as to whether I should change the colour sequence to avoid it, but decided to go ahead. This time at least the pattern colour is in the red range with all the others, and I think the eye will be able to make the connections.

What an odd pattern this is! I wonder if it is computer-generated in some way.

I'm also far enough along, and happy enough with the work, that I feel more confident about the idea of putting it aside in the late evening to knit grandson James his hat. So I spent some time yesterday evening winding the chosen skein of 20th Century Yarn.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday which saw the heel turned on the current Travelling Sock, and stitches picked up to form the gussets. Unfortunately I discovered while knitting for a few more moments after my flu injection (in case I collapsed on the floor) that a stitch has escaped, in one of those difficult corners between the heel flap and the instep stitches. I decided when I saw that, that I felt fine, and left to catch my bus. I'll deal with it another time.

Off to Kirkmichael today. No more blogging until the weekend, therefore. I've posted an appeal in the Bloggers Users Group for help on how to put a page of current pics "behind" the blog somehow, so that it could be constantly appealed to. Cue for picture of Burnside, Kirkmichael here.

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