Sunday, October 17, 2004

Kirkmichael was where I knit Theo's big Koigu sweater -- you'll have to trawl back through the archives to see it, since my plans for a picture page somewhere in the background remain un-realised. Grandson Mungo admired it extravagantly when he was here last summer -- we confine grandchildren to Kirkmichael as far as possible -- and so I am knitting him one. Using the EPS system again.

Meg Swansen has an idea for edging sweaters which she calls purl-when-you-can, so I'm doing something like that for Mungo. Not ribbing, but a little diamond pattern. The idea is that there are enough purl stitches that the edge won't curl, although of course it also won't pull in. It seems to be working, and next week things ought to get to a point where a photo actually shows real progress.

Mungo's sweater Posted by Hello

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