Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I have just spent a gloomy half-hour downloading and struggling with BlogJet, thinking it would solve all my problems such as yesterday's lost photograph. But I'm no forrader.

I'm perhaps an inch, perhaps less, forrader with the Stillwater, increasingly hating it. I like the result; it's been on my wish list for so many years that I feel constrained not to quit. I could rip the whole thing back to the ribbing and knit a symmetrical pattern.... Oh dear

I got the holiday Vogue Knitting yesterday. Zilch, but it's always fun to get it, and I find with Vogue that when I go back a couple of years later, lots of things look better than they did originally. I subscribe to VK, IK. Knitters, the new(ish) British magazine Knitting, and Woolgathering, and I'm a member of the Knitting and Crochet Guild (GB) and the Lacy Knitters' Guild. I think if I had to narrow it down to one, it would be Woolgathering.

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