Saturday, October 09, 2004

Yarn for the Stillwater cardigan Posted by Hello

My first week of blogging went so well....

I lost several paragraphs of text this morning, so we'll keep this short. Here's the yarn I'm going to use for the Fair Isle cardigan (nearly 3" of ribbing done -- I'm aiming for four). The selection -- from my ample stash -- was inspired by a visit that day to the Titian exhibition currently on here in Edinburgh.

My system was inspired by a paragraph in Odham's Encyclopedia of Knitting (no date -- perhaps around 1950) saying that Shetland sweaters were sometimes knit with (say) eight background colours and nine pattern colours, three rows of each but never changing both colours in the same row. That will mean that the colours will change in relation to each other, and to the stitch pattern, as the work progresses.

If you get the idea.

I think the encyclopedia may have been wrong -- I now really don't believe that that's what anyone ever did on Shetland. But I rather like the effect.

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