Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Further Onward

I got a most helpful email from Julianne yesterday, suggesting stitch numbers for my forthcoming hat for grandson James. When someone posts a comment to this Blog, I get it promptly from Blogger as an email, and I reply at once. But last night, with a bit of right-clicking on Julianne's message, I realised (I think) that my replies to messages which arrive by that route, are dispatched into the dark backward and abysm of time and never seen again.

Once I'm sure I've got the illustration problem nailed -- I'm making progress, I think, and anyway am not going to attempt a picture today -- I'll work on adding an "Email me" button at the top of the page, like Queer Joe's.

We'll be going to London soon, and I'll take James's hat as a travel project, instead of or as well as the current pair of socks. That way I can try it on him as I proceed and frog if necessary.

The Stillwater

I got a bit bogged down last night. What makes a two-color row easy or not is the question of how easy it is to memorise the stitch sequence, so that you can repeat it to yourself mantra-fashion as you proceed, and don't need to peer at the chart again until it's time for the next round. The Stillwater is an 18 stitch repeat and despite not being symmetrical all went well for the first few rounds, but last night, as the pattern began to undulate a bit, I found it getting hard. I even put it down for a while and just watched television.

I shall return to the fray with renewed determination today.

The row repeat is something like 70, but I should have an idea long before then of how things are working.

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