Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Helen's wedding cardigan Posted by Hello

Queer Joe has pictures in his blog, so why can't I do it anymore? As I write this text, the picture is here in front of me. But what has been happening lately is that when I re-post it ("re" because the picture was already here, and I'm just editing it) the text goes up without the pic.

Assuming for the moment that it's going to work this time -- I knit wedding sweaters for each of my daughters anf daughters-in-law, with personal and family symbols, and initials of bride and bridegroom and the date of the wedding. Helen's sweater was by far the best, but the marriage crumbled. She is now married to someone else, andmother of a houseful of boys. I don't know what happened to the cardigan.

Looking at this picture, and at the notes I made while knitting the cardigan, I am filled with a sense of despair -- I can't possibly do it again. That's the real nub of old age.

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