Saturday, July 11, 2015

Alexander says she loves her climbing frame:

I have a very inferior arrangement for drying clothes indoors – I'll have to think of upgrading. I'm sure Perdita has grown since I saw her a week ago. I'm pretty sure I knit those socks, although I can't remember what they are. In 2012 I did Regia's “Bedroom at Arles” for Alexander and “Restaurant de la Sirene” for Ketki, from their Van Gogh series. Maybe one of those? The green plastic insect has come home with her, a new toy.

...That much yesterday morning, and then the events of the day supervened. James is here, and he had orders to take me to a GP. Ours now offers an “open access” system first thing in the morning. Off we went. I don't know that much was accomplished, but we had a good talk with a nice dr (a stranger to me) and at least the practice is aware that they will have to start monitoring my blood and my rat poison consumption soon.

Here is Perdita, home again, the knitter's kitten:

Zite produced this yesterday – you may already know about it. Susan Crawford (“A Stitch in Time”) has re-created 25 patterns from the Shetland Museum – not “after” or “inspired by”, but the actual patterns, stitch by stitch. The book will be published later this year. She is raising funds by “crowdfunding” for the costs of photography and publishing.

You may be too late already. When I got there yesterday morning, she had about half of the £12,000 she was seeking. By the time I made my contribution later in the day, she was only £1500 short of the goal. By now, she needs less than £500 pounds – with two days gone of the 30-day campaign.

I would have put in a bit more, but larger contributions are to be rewarded not only with the book, but with yarn to knit one of the projects and the last thing we need around here is more yarn.

So that's one to look forward to.


Nearly there. The top border is ten rows deep – seven of near-st-st, with a few yo's and k3tog's to provide a finish for the lozenges; and three rows of garter stitch. Yarn was running out, and there was a real temptation, after row five, to leave out the next two long rows and go straight to the garter stitch. I decided to be brave and to trust Kate.

And it's come out all right (I think). I am now casting off, using the yarnover cast off for stretchiness as you warned me to do. It must use twice as much yarn as a normal cast-off. I'm more than half-way along – it's slow work – and I think I will finish with inches of yarn to spare. The Women's Singles Final this afternoon should see it done. I don't see how Serena can lose.

I continue to feel pretty well, and much less anxious than before all this started, My poor husband is resigned to his fate, and much less disagreeable than before. My visits are shorter than they were. I think that's a good idea. James and I had a conference yesterday with dr and OT and a silent oriental. The strong advice was to leave things as they are until the care package is ready – not to try to get him home earlier with private care.


  1. Christine8:41 AM

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, and with the decision about your husband's discharge out of your hands. That's one huge source of stress removed, and very sound advice, I think, from the medical advisors. My advice: relax, knit, enjoy Wibledon and keep taking the tablets!! xC

  2. Thank you so much for the photos. I have to share your dear animal to satisfy my cat-longings, since our precious dog would not make life good for a cat, even if OH would wear the idea!
    I am glad to hear that your husband has managed to develop some proper resignation. Your lives are so inextricably joined that this is a turning point for the both of you. Best get it all sorted out in one go, and you have already set up one of the things that will help greatly - a small, loveable, furry creature who will help to sweeten any of his frustrations.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. The kitten pics are adorable. She seems so happy to be home and yet clearly did well on her adventure. What a wonderful companion!

  4. Dear Jean, when the stress starts to build, just spend a minute or two looking at that delightful photo of Perdita asleep on a woolly bed - so peaceful.

  5. Phew! Must admit to another anxious moment there. Perdita seems to have started her carer's role in style!

  6. Perdita is just adorable! She alone should reduce your stress level..
    I hope you continue to improve.

  7. I'm so glad to check in here in the morning and find you your usual self: interesting, intelligent, humorous, knitting and kitty-ing. All my favorite things. When you say you feel less anxious I can't help wondering if the medical problems you are having were beginning even then and making you feel vaguely unwell. So good to have a diagnosis even if it does involve rat poison. You'll have to let us know how that tastes! Anyhow, I'm glad you are feeling better, as who wouldn't with that adorable Perdita helping you through the day.

  8. Apparently if you stroke a cat your blood pressure goes down immediately. Must go double for kittens, especially adorable ones!

    Sound advice from the medical team, and hopefully your husband has had a bit of a wake up moment re the effects of dumping all his anger on you and the effects on your health.

  9. Oh, Perdita! So soft and good! Thank you for posting. I'm glad you are doing so well.

  10. Perdita appears to be relaxed and happy to be home. She is a pretty little thing. Glad you are on the mend .

  11. Delighted to see you and Perdita here this morning! I'm glad for the sound medical advice you received yesterday, and want you to focus on getting yourself stronger. Your husband sounds like mine; there were times when he just had to deal with the way things were, not the way he wanted them to be. He didn't do it with good grace.

  12. Huzzah for Perdita's return. Her "climbing frame" would be the envy of any kitten. I am off to watch the tennis (on TV), and will think of you casting off Fantoosh as I swatch for a project that, Ravelry tells me, can be a bit of bear in terms of gauge (Norah Gaughan's Dickson).

  13. Ellen2:14 PM

    Hope you are enjoying todays showdown at Wimbleton. My husband got up rxtra early so we would be all ready to watch Serena (who has just started as I write this). Your husband's care team sounds like they have a good picture of things, and are giving you good advice.

  14. Perdita makes me want a furry ball of kitten. I love her climbing frame.
    A toast to your health from California.

  15. Oh heavens, that picture of Perdita sleeping with the yarn is perfect! That needs to be put in a frame! I am sure she is as happy to be home as you are. Makes us happy too.

  16. Anonymous4:37 PM

    What Syd said! I'm pleased that you're feeling better--count me as one of the many who worries when you don't post.

    Apart from that, thank you for the news of the upcoming Crawford book.

    Elaine in NYC

  17. =Tamar9:21 PM

    Very relieved to hear that things have settled down a bit.
    Perdita is adorable.

  18. annec in Maryland4:23 AM

    What a precious picture of Perdita! And it's good to hear that things are improving on all fronts. Do take care of yourself.

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