Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My books came yesterday, so I am attempting composition on the Mac again, using Word (and not fiddling with the margins). Word subscriptions allow five subscribers (generous of them) and I had still had one unused -- which, perhaps remarkably, could be installed on a Mac.

Perdita helps with blogging:


I knit three legs of the dog yesterday. Today I hope to knit the fourth, and establish the body with legs attached.

C. came round to get the pocket squares, to take to London at the weekend. They were still pinned to the dining room floor. I hastily undid them, and was mightily impressed. I had thought it was perhaps a bit OTT,  blocking garter stitch squares. Not a bit of it. Apart from now all being the same size, the texture has changed. The silk (15%) in the yarn is evident. They seemed both heavier and more supple. I am sure they will fold more elegantly.


Many, many thanks for all the book titles. I will store them carefully in Evernote and wait to hear from Rachel about how many more we need. I sent four books down with the pocket squares. I think I’d better order “The Bride of Lammermoor” if it can be had cheaply. We must have that, for a Scottish wedding.

Helen and Fergus went off to Strathardle late yesterday. Archie remains with me. I have spoken to her briefly – all is well, the house neither leaking nor overrun with mice. I don’t know yet, in what state she found the Summer Pudding bush.

My INR was 2.0 yesterday, the minimum acceptable. I am to add .5 mg of  Warfarin to my daily dose. That means splitting a pill. I am not good at it.

I did fine with the Mac until we got to the picture-transfer bit -- couldn't find it in my mailbox. At that point I had to revert. The text looked fine in Word, and on the Blogger "Compose" screen, but has come out rather uncomfortably small when published.

And today we get Windows 10. Archie has promised to install it for me.


  1. You can get a handy gadget in Boots for splitting pills.

    1. Thanks! I've got a ragged half-pill from yesterday for today's dose. I'll get myself a gadget by tomorrow.

    2. Ellen2:07 PM

      Because pills rarely seem to split evenly, and the dosage is important here, you might want to ask your pharmacist if they can do it for you, sometimes they will. Even with the pill cutter, if the pill is tiny, they don't always break off evenly.

  2. Small is easier to deal with than missing edges!
    Had you better mention to Perdita that she could strain her eyes by peering that close to the screen? What a delight she is!

  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Windows!!! on a Mac??? Word!!! on a Mac??? I haven't used any Microsoft Products in years and certainly wouldn't on my Mac. I would consider doing so only if I absolutely had to. Life is so much simpler and sweeter without.

  4. Perdita is curious as most cats! i wanted to lean into the photo and push your tablet back on the table!

    you may want to wait a few months for installing Windows 10 there are the usual bugs for a new product already reported by the press... in two-three months it will be more stable (i wish i had an extra machine to play with it) and also not all software will be win10 ready yet.

  5. I've never read the Bride of Lammermoor, but I did see the opera. When I went to ABEbooks, the used book site, to search I found this. Thought you might fit it amusing.

    1. That's very good -- I've forwarded it to Rachel. Thanks.

  6. I just had a similar experience, Jean, with blocking yarn containing silk. This was a shoudler shawl from handspun merino-silk, about DK weight. Before blocking, the garment was bouncy, with a little crunch to the hand. After blocking -- and it was only a slightly firm block, nothing extreme -- the entire thing was smoother and had a lovely drape that had not been there before. This is the first time I have noticed such a dramatic change in hand after blocking. I am sure you are right that the post-blocking pocket squares will fold better.