Friday, July 31, 2015

I'm back with Microsoft this morning. There was much talk of Windows 10 during the day, what with all these boys around. I decided to go ahead. When I tried, all that happened was a Microsoft website telling me to click on an icon – which wasn't there – to get in the queue. Archie knew a way around that. I've now got it installed, and am impressed. The new browser is first-rate. And FreeCell is back! Knitting went as planned – the right side of the dog now complete, Sous Sous resumed. I'll finish the current repeat, the ninth, the last complete one, before moving on to the Tokyo shawl. That's not as much as I hoped for yesterday. I forgot how much there was to do after the last repeat. And I still haven't worked out a system that satisfies for the sidebar percentage. Literature Thank you for the link to Paul Theroux' article about Shirley Jackson, Mary Lou. Interesting. But he doesn't mention the novel I am currently reading, Hangsaman, and indeed rather implies that The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle were her only two novels. I've just finished reading them. They are superb, and very scary. Hangsaman, although itself published as a Penguin Modern Classic, is not as good, at least to begin with, and I was interested to have my hunch confirmed by this website that it came before the two great ones. She published six novels in all. Later Well, here's the first serious hitch in Windows 10. When pasted into Blogger, my prose looks as if typewritten (it was composed in Times New Roman as usual, in Open Office Writer) and is too small -- and the tT symbol has vanished, so I can't set it to large. I'll go back to the Mac tomorrow. ...And when published, the font and its size are OK, but there is no break between paragraphs. And my links are gone. I suspect it is Blogger which will have to change to accommodate Windows 10, but who knows?


  1. Amazon sites in both US and UK has a wide array of pill cutters. One on the US site cuts many pills at one time!

  2. I have never read any of Shirley Jackson's novels, I'll add them to the list. I just finished Tana French's newest, have you read her? My husband just upgraded to Windows 10. Lots of tweaking with other programs apparently, but since there is no shouting or profanity coming from the other room it mustn't be too bad.

  3. I just got an invitation to upgrade to Windows 10. I am hesitating, but with your comments, Jean, I will try it.
    As I am not a blogger, perhaps it will not cause any problems. But I plan to discuss this with our tech consultant. He keeps us out of trouble with our many computers and servers which keeps our architectural practice in business.
    I, personally, prefer knitting or hand drafting to computer drawing. It is some much more satisfying.

    I have just ordered Shirley Jackson's Lottery from Amazon. I did not get it on my Kindle because I found a used copy for so much less, and I like having a real book to read every now and then.
    It sounds like you are keeping very busy! Cheers!

  4. I know win 8 is um, well, I think it'd be nice on a tablet, but is not so good on a pc. I had to sorta reinstall and still haven't figured out how to turn the damn time/bar to the right thing off (got all the other bits working but that one and gave up).

    You're probably copy/pasting with formatting. There's a Mac page here that gives you the mac keyboard command From 2012 but keyboard commands as basic as that tend not to change and the windows version is control + shift +v. I've gotten in the habit of using notepad to strip out formatting but I also tend to have a notepad document open so...
    Be interesting to see what you think of 10. I'm vaguely considering it (because I really don't like 8), but I'm a) already going to have to teach my mom Win 7 as she slowly converts over from her old laptop to my old laptop and b) I either need to be in the mood to fiddle with it or 8 has to break badly enough to motivate me. But then again I've turned off windows updates since April because my computer doesn't reliably reboot so it could happen (and yes, I know turning off updates is a big risk and I plan to deal with it once the crisis wheel that is this summer so far stops).