Monday, July 13, 2015

The day after Wimbledon is always sort of sad. It was a good final match, not perhaps quite the titanic struggle I had hoped for. Djokovic dominated throughout. I was disappointed to see Mme Federer chewing gum. Rachel said in a rain-break phone call that she even blew a bubble with it. She didn't seem to have it for the final set. Maybe somebody told her.

I got a bit done yesterday. Maybe I'm getting better. For weeks and weeks now, there has been nothing but winding up to the daily hospital visit and then winding down from it. I got some tidying done in the sitting room, with Perdita undoing everything I achieved, and I got the Fantoosh blocked, with her help:

I can't figure out how to zoom the iPad camera back.

I realised halfway through the process that I was blocking it upside down – that is, wrong side up. I decided it didn't matter.

When I laid it out, unstretched, the wingspan was slightly longer than predicted by the pattern, so I pinned it down without stretching. The central spine has to be blocked to ½ the length of the wingspan – that required some tugging which provided some tension for the whole. And there are, effectively, scallops – each losenge has to be pinned out. But there aren't all that many of them, compared to the scallops around a Shetland shawl.

So it's not blocked to within an inch of its life, as Shetland lace would be, but I think it's fine. I'll try to contrive a picture soon to incorporate the whole thing.

For actual knitting, during the match, I found that the Sous Sous was the only thing I could just pick up and go on with. Well, socks I suppose. It's coming on well. I'm doing the 8th of 9 repeats on the back – my good old Sirka counter remembered where I was, all this time. One of its many merits is that it clings tenaciously to its setting.

I wonder why I am knitting the middle size? The model – surely a wisp of thing – is wearing the largest one: she clearly has 10 pattern repeats up the back. But I'm not sure I intend this for myself anyway. I have lots of granddaughters in lots of different sizes.

I found a maddening mistake, a dozen rows back: a single mis-stitch, probably a purl that should have been knit, in one of the cables. I was about to drop it off and ladder down, emboldened by my Craftsy lessons with Lucy Neatby on “Fearless Knitting”. Then I remembered that I would have to twist alternate rungs of the ladder on the way back up, because the cable stitches are knit tbl on the front but not on the back.

And I decided that that was a bit dangerous to attempt.

Today I'll get to work on identifying those Tokyo Shawl yarns, although I'll go on with the Sous Sous until I finish this repeat. That's a good idea, Tamar, to find something compartmentalised to keep them in.

Zite has come up with a knitted version of Princess Charlotte's Christening, in a Norfolk church. It's not really a top-flight example of that sort of thing, being largely assembled from squares.

And – guess what? I have been tending of late to toss incoming mail onto a handy chair and leave it to mature. Yesterday I sat down with a week's worth – and found a note from Kate Davies, wishing me good health!

You'll all have seen on her blog by now that she and Tom are about to get married.

Cute kitten picture, not very well lit. She refuses to pose for more:


  1. Perdita looks very cute indeed. She also appears to be taking her role in assisting you very seriously.

  2. You sound your old self! Hoping for your continued stable health. Perdita is a good little helper and such a beautiful color.

  3. Both Perdita and the shawl are gorgeous. Aren't you lucky.
    Ron in Mexico

  4. The shawl is so beautiful!

  5. I thought those knitted christening figures were very odd - constructed from 10cm squares? How satisfying to have finished the Fantoosh!

  6. Huzzah for a finished (and very lovely) shawl! Makes me even more determined to get my knitting mojo back.
    Perdita is adorable and no doubt a great comfort. It's amazing how furry friends can just make life better. Hopefully the worst is passed and it'll all be a much smoother sail from now on!

  7. =Tamar6:44 PM

    The Yarn Harlot has written about several ways to fix that stitch without laddering down. The simplest is a duplicate stitch over it. A slightly scarier method is to treat it like a broken yarn, snip it and repair it. Since it isn't actually broken, it would even be possible to work the duplicate stitch first and then snip the offending one.

  8. Glad you're concentrating on your knitting and not the lugging of heavy furniture around. The Fantoosh is absolutely wonderful. Well done, if that doesn't sound too patronising. It's not meant to be. Continued good health to you.

  9. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Fantoosh looking fantastic!
    - Beth in Ontario

  10. Amazed at how quickly you got through the Fantoosh!