Sunday, July 19, 2015

One of those days on which there is virtually nothing to report. I am waiting in for the District Nurse again, this time without anxiety – I have warned my husband that I might be late, and I don't need to get to the chemist before 1 p.m., as I did yesterday, to get the wherewithal for today's injection. When they first filled the prescription, on Friday, they gave me a packet of the stuff which was six months out of date. The nurse came in good time yesterday, and I got there to collect the replacement package. I won't have another INR blood test until tomorrow.

I still feel – not breathless, but weak. I hope they don't let my husband out until I've perked up a bit. Although maybe having him here would re-energise me, perforce.

Very little knitting yesterday, but I have turned the corner of the final pocket square. The stitch count is now diminishing. Loose ends will need to be dealt with on all eight squares, and blocking. I'll certainly show you a photograph of the white one, and at least one of the blues, at that stage. Despite a fair amount of recent to-ing and fro-ing, I can't think of anyone likely to go to London in the near future. I may have to trust the Post Office.

The Jack Russell who inspires my next WIP called around yesterday. Perdita stood up to him bravely, with the glass door in between, even when he lunged at her. He doesn't have much in the way of darker markings. Perhaps I'll do the dark ears as shown in the pattern, but omit the markings on body and tail. (The Jack Russell in Muir and Osborne's "Best in Show".)

Now that I have found a substitute yarn for the body – the Baah Aspen I'm using for the bridgegroom's pocket square – it seems even sillier to worry about finding Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply in Bark for the spots. When I was in Athens, I dragged my poor friends around yarn shops looking for Greek homespun yarn amongst all the fancies which I could have bought here cheaper. And finally found some, in an earthy brown which will do splendidly for dog.

Where does one get pipe cleaners these days? On the good old internet, of course.

I wandered around there for a while this morning, as often, seeking entertainment or inspiration. Jamieson & Smith have a Fair Isle kit which meets all my requirements (except for not being a vest) – the patterns change all the way up. It is based on something in the Shetland Museum. J&S say that the original even has different patterns front and back. They have wisely omitted that feature.

I don't like the light blue stripes dividing the wider patterns. Madder, perhaps? Moss green? Old gold?

Oh, for Shetland Wool Week!


  1. If you use the Post Office then I strongly suggest sending it Special Delivery. It will be tracked and signed for and insured and you can even ask for a free special silver bag from the counter to put it all in. Ask me how I know... I lost a lace shawl, 2 months work, sent as a birthday present to a friend first class but never to be seen again!

  2. Sorry the comments seized up but I wanted to add since I have used Special Delivery everything arrives safely and it is a great service especially the silver bags!

  3. I know Kate Davies' Machrihanish doesn't meet the different-patterns requirement, but it is in J&S yarn, and the colours might provide inspiration?

  4. I don't like those blue stripes either and blue is my favorite color. Old gold might be nice, but actually I think those stripes ought to be narrower.

    I'm glad you're having a nothing sort of day; you can use the rest! Enjoy.

  5. I agree about the blue. I made a vest using Meg's basics but added other patterns. Special delivery in a silver package sounds perfect for wedding finery. Happy restful Sunday.