Friday, July 24, 2015

New follower, welcome!

The dr's appt was brief, and on time, so here I am after all. Nothing much was achieved. He believes that minor pulmonary emboli are pretty common, being very difficult to diagnose, and might therefore indeed have been responsible for my breathlessness and misery before the collapse. He thinks I might have to stay on Warfarin forever, since my P.E. is classified as “unprovoked”. I must take care to emphasize the flights to and from Athens (as a possible cause) in future conversations with the people in charge of deciding that issue.

It's three weeks now – if this were Lent, I'd be nearly half-way through. I worked out that six months (the currently-specified period for me to continue with rat poison) is equal to four Lents, plus 8 days. That's counting the Sundays as part of Lent, making a total of 46 days per Lent. It doesn't sound quite so bad, put that way.

I got the pocket squares all nicely tidied up – it had to be slow and careful work, since there is no “wrong side” to conceal the loose ends on. I shut the cat out of the sitting room. She mewed at the door for a while, then silence, then renewed mewing. She had gone down the corridor and through the bedroom and started rattling the other door into the sitting room. That one is made of glass, so she was able to peer at me with her reproachful little face as she mewed. I thought that was all rather clever in one so young.

So I let her in. But she instantly climbed up me and jumped onto the chest of drawers where all those vulnerable things are, so I put her out again.

Zite is in the doldrums, indeed. They had an item this morning from the Faculty Meeting Knitter, whom I used to follow with interest. Trouble is, the item in Zite this morning was posted by the FMK in 2011.

Now I'll go block those squares.


  1. Weaving in ends in non-wooly fibers is not fun. Must be nice to have that behind you. Can cats ever learn not to jump up on things and knock them over, or is it behavior you must learn to live with?

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    re: cats - the behavior continues.
    Mine would lie down very carefully between the "things", then over the next several minutes stretch out slowly and by degrees until everything was off the table and she was totally sprawled out. Fun times!
    Beverly near Yosemite, still following but not commenting much

  3. Aha! and also duhh (didn't make the connection myself until you mentioned it) - the flights to and from Athens were no doubt contributory, if not causal. On future flights, be sure to get up and walk the aisle about once per hour. Who cares if the entire world things you have a bladder the size of a thimble? Those clots almost certainly started in your legs, and migrated to the lungs. Walking and stirring about in general help greatly in preventing the leg clots from forming.