Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Still 2 ½ rows of lozenges to go – the tennis was sufficiently exciting yesterday that I didn't get much done. I am determined to finish today.

Now you can knit your own Wimbledon – not just Andy Murray.

What else? The NHS is offering a lot of free home care for my husband, that's the good news; it will take a few weeks to get it in place, that's the bad. He had been told this by the time I got there yesterday, and was pretty cross about it. We are arranging a home assessment visit from a private care company. I am a bit anxious about starting private care for fear the NHS will just wave goodbye to us. We're talking big bucks, apart from anything else.

That's about it, I'm afraid. Back in what now seem like the Good Old Days, I used to potter gently through my day thinking about what I was going to write tomorrow. Now such tranquillity is impossible.

The cat continues to delight.


  1. Jean your post today sent me on a trip down memory lane. When I was in HS, my mother hired some women from church to 'gramma sit' my grandmother while my mother worked. Two of them were lovely, but one was a fellow Irish woman who was a tough old bird. My grandmother loathed her and called her "The Witch of Endor." In the days before google not one of us knew what that reference was. Mrs. Wilson, the witch in question, was told her services were no longer required. It was many years later that I saw a woodcut of the Witch of Endor and laughed out loud. The craggy unlovely face bore a striking resemblance to the woman from church. Here's hoping there are no Witches of Endor in the future for your husband. Happy knitting. I think we are getting Arne and Carlos at the shop, I'll check out the colors!

  2. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Jean, my friend who does private care in Staffordshires says the only thing the NHS has is the level of your bank account. As long as you have less than the threshold amount of savings (property holdings are NOT considered) then they will not withhold care, no matter what private services you may choose to employ.

    Judith in Ottawa

  3. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Sorry, that should be "the only thing the NHS cares about is the level of your bank account."


  4. I've never really understood the care system in the UK, despite having had dealings with it, but I know that different rules apply in Scotland.

    It is interesting that it is the NHS and not social services which is offering the care for your husband.
    A friend's mother - wheelchairbound, 90, living alone - had five visits a day organised by social services, but they paid for these visits - in England.
    It's good that you have Perdita for company and entertainment.