Saturday, July 18, 2015

Yesterday's INR was poor, again, so this morning I am pinned to the spot waiting for a district nurse to come and inject me. It is sort of pleasant to have an excuse not to bustle out for the newspapers and to the chemist and for weekend food. If she hasn't turned up by noon, I may not even go visit my husband. He rests after lunch.

Pocket squares always turn out to take a bit longer than I expect. The bridegroom's square is currently a couple of rows short of the turning point.

Knit-related miscellany

The current issue (July 16) of the free Waitrose tabloid newspaper called “Waitrose Weekend” has an interesting article about a pioneer yarn-bomber, Lauren O'Farrell.

A friend has spotted the interesting fact that there is going to be a Workshop at the Fruitmarket Gallery on 22nd July (that's next week, isn't it?) from 6-9 p.m., from which a “communal wool work” will emerge. You have to scroll right down to the bottom of the page to find it. Is anyone interested? I haven't been out that late for centuries.

In “Wool People 9”, Brooklyn Tweed has outdone himself. I would almost add, as usual.

Zite came up this morning with the astonishing (to me) webpage of a South African crochet designer, June Gilbank, who has set herself to learn to knit by producing 12 self-designed sweaters. She's got as far as Number 6. No patterns, no books. The good old internet for each new technique as she requires it. She is clearly meticulous about fit and about finishing detail – hidden anchor buttons, for example. Maybe that's all it takes. Throw away those piles of magazines.


The Scottish news yesterday told of dreadful flooding in Alyth, a dear town near our house in Strathardle. The burn which flows picturesquely through the centre of town, rose up and ate them.

Our beloved butcher is among the white buildings edging the flood in the upper left. He was on the television news, badly damaged. I can't quite figure out the rest, from the devastation. Is that the square where we park? Where is the road bridge to the other side?

I wondered a bit about how our own house had fared, lying as it does a few yards from the Balnald Burn. There was torrential rain in Alyth and also in St Andrews (where they were trying to play the Open). What about us? We are more or less in between. A neighbour reports that all is well. We have seen floods, in the last 52 years, but our house has never been threatened. 


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Oh my, that flooding looks terrible! Hope there was no loss of life. Is there such a thing as flood insurance there?

    Thanks for the link to Loft People 9. Some very nice pieces in there.

    I hope you are able to attend the workshop. I'm sure it will be great fun, no matter what emerges.

    Beverly in NJ

  2. If I were only a bit closer I'd meet you for the outing. Sounds like great fun. Enjoy your restful day. Minus the shot, of course.

  3. I would love to see photos of the pocket squares or at least the groom's and one of the blue ones. Your use of the pattern has pointed out to me yet again that you can always see things in a different light and expand your perception of things that way. I have been using that pattern for years to knit my favorite dishcloths and facecloths. Had i been in your position of looking for pocket squares I would have clicked right by that pattern!
    Good for you for "thinking outside the box" as they say.

  4. That flooding is dreadful. Kath and I have walked down that street, and I think we even had a peek in at your butcher's when we were there. One of the worst things about flooding, at least here in Canada, is that home insurance usually doesn't cover flood damage if the source of the water comes from outside the house.