Sunday, July 26, 2015

I have been struggling with the MacBook Pro my dear children gave me for Christmas. I thought I had composed a post for you, copied and pasted it as usual -- but the margins weren't right. The text spilled off the screen in both directions and nothing I could do would change it. I thought Blogger would adjust such things without being told.

So I am writing this directly in Blogger, just to let you know that I'm all right, and so is Perdita. I knit some more of the Tokyo shawl last night, and should begin the next stripe this evening, facing in the opposite direction. Tomorrow, the dog.

The new, autumn, Rowan book is out. If you go to and click around a bit, you can find a YouTube video showing all the patterns. I like that cover scarf. I mean to go up to John Lewis this morning anyway. I'll have a look.

I have a book called "Switching to the Mac", 780 pages. I've learned a bit, but feel I am drowning in it. I an seriously tempted by "Mac OS X Yosemite for Seniors" which has only 99 pages, although it would be humiliating to order such a title.

Well, that's roughly what I said the first time.


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    If you take your MacBook along to John Lewis with you the Apple staff will be able to give you a quick demo of Pages and its main functionality (even if you didn't buy it there). I seem to remember that Pages is an app which I installed after buying the machine and I found it mostly intuitive switching from Microsoft Word, similarly with Numbers replacing Excel. Failing that there are some online tutorials plus youtube videos which may be worth a try.

  2. Thanks so much for the re-do! It was frustrating and sightly confusing to stuggle with your first attempt. Why does machinery have to be so fussy? Is it something to do with the personality traits of them wot writes it?

  3. Oddly, Jean, I can read your entire first post in Feedly, my blog reader. However, if I click on it to go to your page, it says it isn't there. Strange. My library has lots of these how-to books. It might be worth a look before ordering one that is useless.

  4. Anonymous1:33 PM

    You could try Mac OSX Yosemite for Dummies instead. That sounds much less condescending, oddly! I bought Mac for Dummies years ago and I STILL find it helpful. So it hasn't made me any smarter, evidently, but at least I can use my computer.


  5. The jungle of all this newfangled technology. For all the advances, my techie son had to be in the office at 5 this a.m. for a "release". Why?? 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning??

  6. Thank you for the do-over post to let us know everything is alright, Jean!

  7. What application are you using to compose your posts? Some applications will use different formatting and include that when you copy text from the application. It might be worth trying to copy the text, then right click in the field you want to copy it into and see if you have an option to 'paste without formatting' in the contextual menu brought up by the right-click (sometimes this will be in a sub-menu of the contextual menu). This should get rid of any extra mark-up helpfully included by your application.

    I would worry that a Mac OS X Yosemite book for Seniors book could be geared to seniors who are not familiar with computers in the first place. From several thousand miles away, you seem to have more specific-use rather than general computing questions.