Thursday, July 16, 2015

I've got to go off errand-running in a moment. But can at least make a start here.

My INR score was bad yesterday, too low, so I had to go in for an injection and will have another today and one tomorrow.

It sounds from your comments as if testing it (the INR) is well ahead of the NHS in the US and Canada.


Yesterday's news is that the skein of Baah Aspen in the shade La Perla turned up from Webs. No duty  to pay– perhaps one skein is beneath the Queen's attention threshold. This is for the bridegroom's pocket square. I hope to wind it and cast on today.

It's a 100 gr skein, so there'll be lots left over. I will use it for the dog. It would be ridiculous, even for my extravagant self, to look for anything else. Right colour, right weight, lovely stuff (merino, silk, cashmere). Gauge doesn't matter. The dog can be slightly larger or smaller than the pattern-writers intend, and no one will know.

Here is the Sous Sous, with eight repeats done. I love it. I've read the pattern again with more care. The model might even be wearing the smallest size – one does nine full repeats for the middle size (which I'm knitting), then most of a 10th, then shoulder shaping begins but goes on so long that there'll probably be an 11th cross. Whereas the model only has ten. I feel more cheerful.


A woman in a bed opposite in the Assessment Ward (something very painful wrong with her back, and she also had long-standing heart trouble) was doing an interesting piece of needlework. There's a website somewhere – there is bound to be – where you can send in a photograph and they will turn it into a needlework chart and, I think, print it on canvas.

She was working the image of a beloved dog. She was nearly finished, and it was very good. She showed me the original photograph. The interesting thing was that the colours in which the work was done matched the image precisely. The website must have provided the threads as well. How is it done? Maybe I should search them out and work Perdita onto a cushion.

Perhaps the thing is to stop here and get this posted and then set forth for my errands.


  1. Overheard in the waiting room "It's much too low, but then she asked if I had had the broccoli, and I said yes" " That'll be it then" Rat poison is a pain:hope you don't have to mess with it for too long.
    Interesting that you have seen a good version of one of those photo-to-chart embroideries. I have not been impressed by any of the ones I have come across so far. The theory is that they pixellate a scan of the photo, and then specify the colours but it often comes out looking a bit of a mess. Like a heavily pixellated photo in fact! Looking at the chart of a good embroidery (Danish are particularly good - the late firm Eva Rostenstand a perfect example) there is a rhythm to the linking of the colours which blends them without drawing attention. Hard to explain, but I do believe the earliest ones made using computers were done by people who's Mums did embroidery while they were good at using the software.

  2. That Baah Aspen looks like a dream to knit with - that and the Madelinetosh and you are in yarn heaven, even if you have to get the shot.

  3. Anonymous4:12 PM

    If the return address is Steve Elkins and not the company name, I'd bet that's the reason it wasn't taxed.

    Elaine in NYC

  4. Having finally caught up with your last three weeks of posts I am so glad to read your chipper recent entries and know you're on the mend Jean.