Sunday, July 12, 2015


There might be enough yarn left for one more row, there might not. The great thing, of course, is that I finished the entire pattern and bound off loosely. I have also dealt with the ends. That's the Fantoosh, of course.

Blocking remains. It occurs to me that I might take advantage of my solitary occupation of the house, move some furniture about – some useful tidying-up would inevitably have to be included – and block in front of the television set this afternoon. Perdita can help. Today's Gentlemen's Singles Final could be an epic match. My money would be on Federer, I think, and it is certainly he I will be cheering for.

I used to have blocking wires but I never liked them, and wound up giving them away. I prefer crawling around on the floor with pins. Since the edge of the Fantoosh isn't scalloped, it shouldn't be too monumental a job. Should it?

Yesterday's match was good, but not great. There were frissons of excitement from time to time when Serena faltered, and the Spanish girl kept her nerve and played some good tennis. I was interested, needless to say, to be reminded afterwards that Serena had a pulmonary embolism some years ago. Reading about it, I begin to grasp how serious this is. During the time when sudden death was a real possibility – I gather it usually happens fairly promptly, if it's going to happen at all – I was so sure that nothing was wrong except stress that I was spared worrying.

I am much taken with your theory, KayT, that my feelings of stress and anxiety before the crisis were, at least in part, outriders of the general condition. Several blood clots are involved, I gather, in both lungs – they couldn't all have alighted at once, could they?

Once the blocking is done, the next job is to re-align the yarns for the Tokyo shawl. I had them all lined up in order under a chair, but Perdita has seen to that. The shawl is far enough advanced that all have been used at least once, so it shouldn't be impossible to re-identify them from the loose ends, and to line them up again somewhere kitten-proof. Nor would the sky fall if I got it wrong – some of those dark colours are hard to distinguish.

Susan Crawford has now got all the crowdfunding she asked for, and more, for her Vintage Shetland project. She says she'll use any extra to hire another photographer, to take pictures of the photo-shoot being shot. That's always fun. And to have more samples knit for trunk shows.

Someone has posted “13 unusual knitting patterns” on the Craftsy blog. I love that sort of thing, and there are some good ones here. I am particularly taken with the idea of “Adventure Knitting” – you start out, and then choose which path to take. Like those children's adventure books where you are given options for the subsequent action and turn to the appropriate page to read on.

I'm not clear as to whether you know where you're going, in Adventure Knitting, or whether you make your choices in the dark, so to speak. It sounds fun, in either case. Oh! for more time.


  1. Congratulations on finishing Fantoosh, looking forward to seeing it in its blocked glory. That looks like the perfect amount of left-over yarn!

  2. Jean I have been away from home and computer and not seen any posts since your amanuensis updated us on your situation. Such a pleasure to see your posts and get the news of improving health. Congratulations on the Fantoosh, I look forward to seeing the beauty shot after blocking. Enjoy the game.

  3. Hooray for the FO! However, that looks like the amount of leftover yarn that would have induced a life-threatening level of anxiety in this house!
    It is nice to see a picture on your blog. I used to get the feeling that was was sometimes just that bit above and beyond the call of duty to achieve one - even when it was something very important in the knitting department. That alone makes me feel a bit happier about how you are doing.
    I don't much care for tennis, so you can have my enjoyment as well as your own.

  4. Rooting for ROGER as well here in NY - watching BBC One as Andy Roddick is a refreshing new voice and no commercials like espn (whose commentators i am not happy with except for John, and the women you can take the rest). Roger is down 1 set and 1 game right in ... .fingers being gnawed.

    Good luck with the blocking. having a good tidy while you are feeling better physically will help methinks psychically as well. perhaps have your cleaning women help and perhaps come in an extra day or two?

    Perdita is adorable and now i long for a kitten - although not sure how my old boy and girl would take to that... perdita is so pretty.

    ok roger just tied. back to the game.

  5. Oh how I wish Roger had won that 1st set. Now the 2nd set hangs in the balance. Feel the vibes of knitting and tennis enthusiasts. Tennis/Knitting Sisters

    1. warned my upstairs neighbors that there would be yelling and screaming this morning.... and yes there is... GO ROGER

  6. =Tamar5:26 PM

    Congratulations on finishing Fantoosh!
    Now to block it. "Perdita can help." (stifled snicker)
    Once the skeins are in order again, how about using some kind of divided box to keep them in order? Like a wine-bottle crate, or Christmas-decoration storage box? yarn labels could be kept there, too.

  7. I would have been worried about the combination of blocking on the floor with pins and the presence of a kitten, but Perdita is truly a knitter's cat?