Monday, August 03, 2015

Absolutely nothing to report. I didn’t even knit, yesterday. This will probably be brief.

Lou, how I envy you that cruise! My idea of heaven would be a cruise to Lerwick, the Faroes, and Iceland — with Franklin teaching anything he was interested in.

Zite produced what seemed, at first, an interesting item about some ladies who have knit models of buildings in central Braintree. I don’t know where that is. On inspection, less interesting. Models were made of the buildings — out of what, I cannot get the computer to remind me this morning — and the ladies just knit little bits to stick on. The source is the Braintree and Withan Times, if you can get it to load.

Medical and Other

My husband is very much better, frustrated at continued incarceration. All the advice I am getting is to stick it out, wait until the promised “care package” is in place. All except one, a neighbour whose elderly mother died a few years ago. She wishes she had got her mother out with private care, instead of waiting.

And I’m reasonably well. I’ve lost about half a stone, a reasonable Lenten quota, after only four weeks of the teetotal life. I am thinking of allowing myself the two units a day which the leaflets say I can safely imbibe. Half a bottle of Weston’s Vintage Cider with my supper might improve appetite. I'll ask the nurse what she thinks.

We're having a crisis this morning involving Greek Helen's flat on Windsor Street and the need to remove a van-load of old furniture to the tip this morning before a van-load of new furniture arrives at mid-day. The previous arrangement fell through last night.

How totally refreshing to be even on the periphery of a non-medical crisis!


  1. I live very near Braintree - it's in Essex - and saw the knitted buildings in a shop window just the other day. They looked quite convincing, but hardly worthy of international press interest. I was reminded of our recent Stena ferry journey, where I spotted one other knitter who was furiously knitting away on an odd shaped structure. It was, she said, the house part of a Noah's Ark, and had filled the time nicely for her.

  2. I installed windows 10 Friday night. And all went and continues. Love it and do not miss the nonsense called metro (that other desktop)

    No reports on Perdita? Has she been banished during blogging? ;o

  3. Also if ever that was a good idea for a knitting cruise!!! I would save my pennies for that!

  4. Nice to be on the edge of a non-medical crisis especially when it is one about which you cannot be expected to do anything at all except maybe sympathize. Hope your day continues to be full of things you need not cope with.

  5. Is Greek Helen moving back to the UK? What will she be called at that point?

  6. For anyone who is interested we are following Jean's lead in always having socks on the needles with a sock KAL over on the Drummond Place Irregulars Ravelry group. Please join us!

  7. I've been on my annual leave these past two weeks and had been toying with the idea of flying to Lewis (especially when I found out that the frontman from Led Zeppelin had hired a car at Stornaway airport!) bit unfortunately, I could have had a week on a hot beach somewhere with what they were asking for the airfare. I don't know how they get away with it. What a shame all that furniture will end up in landfill.