Friday, August 28, 2015

Technology, this morning. (Perdita continues to improve.)

I have “migrated” Zite to Flipboard, successfully I think. I have bought Albers’ “Interaction of Color” (the app). I should have said something about that yesterday, after you sent the link, Kristen. It looks extremely interesting. The Apple App Shop is always stressful for me — why isn’t everybody as easy as the hated Amazon? Today they said that my (husband’s) credit card was about to expire and I had to update it.

Apple has forced me to use his. Everybody else on the internet is happy with mine. I knew he had been sent a new card, and that I must have put it somewhere safe since he wasn’t likely to use it. It turned out, after an anxious search, that I was carrying it. Sensible.

Then everything went haywire. After a series of increasingly odd error messages and requests to sign in to my own blog, I deduced that maybe it was time to turn the wi-fi booster off and on again. This is sometimes necessary, but the affected computers always pretend that the signal is strong and the trouble, somewhere else.

So I’ve done that, with the result that the booster doesn’t seem to work at all — none of the little lights came back on. We’re limping along with the main hub, and I won’t be able to watch Craftsy in bed unless I can fix it.

But at least the crazy error messages have stopped. That’s enough technology for just now.

The booster is in the sitting room. In my distress, running from computer to computer to iPad and to the booster and back, I left the door open. Perdita dashed in and with her unerring eye seized the ball of mohair which is carried along with every other colour in the Tokyo shawl, and dashed out of the room with it.

I took it away from her in the kitchen and, am happy to report, was able to restore it to its place unbroken. Well done, mohair.

I reached the 22nd band of the Tokyo yesterday, as hoped. I’m spending less time knitting, these days, than I used to when my husband was at home — because of not watching much television, and still not comfortable with knitting during the day, and going straight to bed after an early supper. I must press forward.

I went back over the crucial lessons in Portuguese knitting yesterday (in bed), namely tensioning and the actual movements for knitting and purling. Franklin’s swatches will be the perfect medium for practising, but I think today had better be devoted to that 22nd band.

…The trouble with the wi-fi booster turned out to be that its little On-Off button had been switched off. All is well. Full connectivity is restored. I couldn’t live without technology, but oh, dear.


  1. Glad to hear you are getting the upper hand in the battle with technology, that Perdita continues to improve, and that the mohair is not too badly affected by adventures-with-a-kitten.

  2. Apple is so well integrated, which makes it simple, but also at times sooo frustrating. The Albers app/book looks like a worthwhile purchase. I'm sure I could spend a lot of time on it. Have you seen the game Blendoku? A sudoku with color for the ipad.

  3. Glad to hear Perdita is doing better. My cats have never been interested in playing with my yarn. The older one will sleep in the basket if I forget to close the lid, and on top of it if I do. I guess if you can't sleep in the wool, close proximity will do. The youngest has lately taking to balancing herself on the back beam of my loom for a nap. I swear she does it, not because it's comfortable - how can it be with her legs hanging down on either side - but because she knows it annoys me.

  4. =Tamar1:54 AM

    The on-off button is frequently the problem with my technology, too.