Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Perdita has chewed through the charger wire of my iPad, so I must leave you in a moment and rush up to John Lewis in the hope of replacing it. That's the sort of thing you expect of a puppy. She likes chewing on wires — Helen’s boys keep warning me about it — but I didn’t think she could do any damage. I, of all people, shouldn’t have underestimated those sharp little teeth.

I have watched Franklin’s first lesson. With almost all of my Craftsy classes, I drift through, watching but not doing. This time, I will do at least half the homework before going on to Lesson Two — specifically, I will assemble a Chaos Basket today of yarns of different colours but the same weight, 12 to 15 of them. And print out the class materials.

So meanwhile I have started watching Portuguese knitting. She said more or less straight away that the Greeks knit like that, just as I reported yesterday. I am very hopeful that this system is going to be the making of me.

I also gave some thought to replacing my poor husband’s lost sweater. WEBS didn’t seem to have the madelinetosh shade I wanted in DK — did I look thoroughly? — so I went to Jimmy Bean. There it is, Georgia O’Keeffe, but on a computer screen the colour looked distinctly blue. It used to be green. My husband is particularly anti-blue.

If he wants green, we can have Tannenbaum, the same sort of thing as the old sweater but perhaps slightly lighter. And I rather fancy Woodstock, striking out in a new direction, a symphony of browns. If any of you have any recent experience of any of these shades, including Georgia O’Keeffe, I’d be grateful for comments. 

Now I’ll go to John Lewis….

…..Success! although it didn’t come cheap.

These days, I take the iPad to bed with me and use an extension cord to make re-charging available at all times so that I can go on  watching Craftsy or reading. I will have to stop doing that (or stop sleeping with the kitten). And she will have to be kept out of the computer room except under supervision.

She is already forbidden the sitting room, and when she does succeed in wriggling past my ankles and getting in there, she makes straight for the naughtiest thing she can do, seizing a ball of yarn and running with it, or kneading the Fantoosh with her sharp little claws. 

Soon I fear there won’t be a room in the house left for her except perhaps the kitchen.

Helen and her family were here briefly yesterday. She was delighted with the too-small Fair Isle and may keep it to wear herself. 


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    If Perdita is determined to chew cables you might try the hosepipe strategy, often used for rabbits. You get a length of hosepipe, slit it along one side (so you can get the cable inside) and fit it over all essential cables which are at floor level. The thing is to get pipe which is big enough that Perdita cannot get her mouth around it. Itinerant cables pose a different problem. Little mischief!
    best wishes, Helen

  2. Patience11:33 AM

    The Loopy Ewe also has a picture of a picture of the Georgia O'Keefe colorway https://www.theloopyewe.com/Madelinetosh-Tosh-Sport-740321F5?p=44B16530-Georgia-OKeefe. I see blue gray. Hope this helps.

  3. I used the Georgia O'keefe color last year. Definitely green.

  4. Perdita is just being a kitten! It's really not fair to shut her out of all rooms with access to things she can chew. You will find that as she loses those baby teeth she won't chew quite as much but one of my older cats still chews but I just make sure she can't get to my yarn or such things.

  5. I have a cat - who as a kitten last year chewed through the speaker wires on my computer - so I know what a problem it can be. I used a spray from Petco or Amazon that deters biting - but Tabasco or other hot sauce rubbed on the wires works as well.

  6. We used bitter apple spray to keep our dogs from chewing things, and it looks like (from a brief google search and scan of results) it's safe to use as a deterrent for cats too. Here's the ASPCA's page on it... https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/virtual-pet-behaviorist/dog-behavior/using-taste-deterrents
    I'd try that before exile.
    And the yarn in Patience's link looks blue/grey/black to me, but of course you can never be quite sure of that till you have the yarn in front of you.

  7. agree with other comments that Perdita will outgrow her teething... perhaps a teething toy or several - one in each room where there are tempting wires? then as she goes to the cable (which you have covered with pipe or not) distract her with the chew toy...

    she will outgrow this in a few months... but learning that there are more interesting things and teaching her to be tempted by another object... that will be valuable in the future.

    as for your evening reading... the iPad has quite a few hours of juice - if its fully charged, you could dispense with the extension cord (and the thought of a charging cord betwixt the bedclothes is a bit scary - not that they are hot enough but ....)

    anyway, you should have plenty of juice for your nocturnal perusals...much better to try that then absent sweet Perdita.

    and amazon (despite that NYT article re their horrid management style) constantly has charging cords on specials... in fact you can also by them in longer lengths - i recommend the six foot length - no need for extension cords with that one.

    as for yarn - perhaps store the loose balls in closed containers while she is teething... at some point she will lose interest as they wiil no longer be available, imagine you have a chest or such that you could use for your yarn ... i have the Expedit (ikea) with four bins - that house my "current wips yarn" (the quotes are because i have been in a knitting slump for some time...). anyway, it keeps them nearby and out of the reach of the cats' paws although mine have long sense lost their interest.

    looking forward to Franklin's class to perhaps banish my slump.

    1. since not sense (not enough caffeine yet)

      and also, do you have treats? they are VERY effective for training and rewarding... believe me.. my cats have adapted to quite a few changes via the liberal use of treats to reward them for changing...

      Greenies is the brand i use - full of good things for the cats as well as tasty.

      removing Perdita and providing a lovely catnip filled toy to play and chew and then rewarding her with a few treats could help with licking this problem.

  8. Most cats dislike orange flavor and smell so I discouraged mine with some orange oil product, sold for that purpose at a pet store as I recall.

    Judging by a quick look, the majority of people using Georgia O'Keefe madtosh on Ravelry describe it as blue-green, and that's how it looks. To me the blue dominates over the green but then I love blue. That Woodstock color is lovely.

  9. I was thinking of your comment yesterday about a cat blanket with the squares, but with some additional borders as part of the joining, it could be something for a baby...

  10. Anonymous2:02 PM

    You can also buy cable protectors - the popular brand now seems to be “CritterCord”; same as the hosepipe idea, above, but designed to wrap around the cables easily and/or already has a slit down one side for easier installation. A friend with many cats has successfully used these products for years.

  11. Allison2:17 PM

    Perdita may well out grow her chewing; the one of mine who surgically detached several sock from their balls of yarn and also turned several circulars into scrap no longer seems to be tempted. But I have two two-year olds than continue to gnaw on all sorts of things and one of the two is responsible for killing the charger cables to a cell phone, a Kindle Fire and who remembers what else. We got a charger 'end' and a six pack of cables for the Kindle and moved the phone to a less enticing position.

    Good luck! Maybe get her some chew toys? A leather mouse or some such?

  12. Chiming in on the chewing issue. . . Our cat Augie just turned one, and while he was a menace in the chewing department for several months, he seems to have lost interest in such things. My new computer cable (old one chewed through) is covered in one of the cable protectors that others mention, but I no longer need it.

  13. skeindalous3:41 PM

    Interstingly, yarn colors seem to go in and out of style, just like fabrics or clothing. For a while MadTosh had a lot of warm greens. Now, not so much. Jaspar looks good, on the Jimmy Bean's site. I used to love Grey Gardens, but that seems to be gone now, also.

    1. I'd guess most yarn companies are keeping a close eye on what colors the fashion industry are promoting and try to have them as well as a good selection of "classic" colors that rarely, if ever, go out of style. That way you've got a shot at a decent cross-section of crafters.

  14. I think she will outgrow the chewing. When I got my cats two years ago one of them was very into chewing charging cables and I had to replace my tablet cord at least twice. I used the cord covers and never had anymore problems. I was thankful that he stuck to charging cords and didn't seem to be interested in regular house current cords!

  15. Anonymous4:47 PM

    We have a 7 year old rescue cat that insists on chewing cords, O2 cords, and nebulizer cords.

  16. Georgia O'Keefe is definitely in the blue camp. You might take a look at Roasted Hatch Chilies, a really pretty green. It's apparently August's Madelintosh color of the month at JBW.

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