Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yes, of course — the Fair Isle vest and, as you rightly say, Kristie, the Northmavine Hap. Both of yarns I bought that day, that happy, happy day, in Jamieson and Smith. That gives me plenty to think about. I had an uneasy feeling all along that there was something.

And speaking of Kate Davies, I trust we’ve all seen the wonderful pictures of her utterly wonderful wedding.

As for the current WIP…

I knit the dog’s head last night, patiently, row by row, and when I had finished and bound off, I folded the dog together so that I could admire my handiwork — and discovered that the head is on backwards:

It is sort of dispiriting. I haven’t sat down with the pattern yet to try to figure out where I went wrong. I wondered this morning if I could pretend that someone has just whistled for him from behind. I think not. It’ll have to be done again.

The other knitting news, not very exciting, concerns that order of madeleinetosh sock yarn from Webs. I was beginning to feel that I had ordered it rather a long time ago. And this week I got one of those dread cards from the Post Office about a substantial customs charge to pay. That must be the sock yarn. I think I got both Archie’s sweater and the Sous Sous (both madeleinetosh DK) in free, from Webs, so I shouldn’t complain. I've paid the fee, and the package, whatever it is, is promised for Saturday.


Thank you for all your messages about transporting Perdita. I will take them to heart. Even if someone comes to fetch us, as is likely, she would be better restrained in the car. I will let her experience Outdoors when we are there, though. It is pretty easy to confine her to this house — there is only one way out (we’d be in trouble, in case of a fire) and that is approached through a sort of lock, an outer hall the size of a small bedroom in estate-agent talk. The inner door is normally kept shut. All one has to do, before going out, is to ensure that the cat is on the right (=inner) side of it.

Poor Rachel’s move has started. The men are in, packing. She has gone to work, but will have tomorrow off, when the move actually happens, and Monday, when BT comes to install things.

And today is Results Day, for AS-Levels. That means Archie and also James’ and Cathy’s daughter Rachel.

Excitement all round.


  1. Could you decapitate him stitch by stitch and graft him back together facing the right way?

  2. So Owl wrote...and this is what he wrote:


    Pooh looked on admiringly.
    "I'm just saying 'A Happy Birthday'," said Owl carelessly.
    "It's a nice long one," said Pooh, very much impressed by it.


    (be sure and visit Ravelry today!)

  3. Thanks, Southern Gal, for the heads-up. And to Jean: many happy returns of the day!

  4. Perhaps knit two dogs, similar in coloring, but the other with head right way round? It would appear they were playing boisterously, quite natural?

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Since it seems the stars have aligned and all that, wishing you many joyously happy returns of the day.
    Felix sit natalis dies.

  6. I guess I am not very nice, but reading that your dog's head is backwards gave me the best laugh I had all day. Sounds just like something I would do...

  7. Belated Happy Birthday!