Monday, August 10, 2015

Again, but little.

Helen and I found my husband in bed yesterday, and disagreeable. The situation rather underlines the importance of waiting for the home care we have been promised. I doubt if I could have managed this recent episode. It would certainly have been difficult and unpleasant -- and frightening.

I think the main question now is, how much lost ground has it all cost him. Now that the week is starting up again — TGIM, has long been my personal slogan — physiotherapists will be on hand to assess and help.


I took the bull by the horns and did some afternoon knitting yesterday. I am now three long rows short of finishing the 19th band (of 29) of the Tokyo shawl. I should certainly be able to polish them off and proceed to dog-knitting today. 

It feels very wicked, to sit in the sitting room in the afternoon and knit and read my book. (Alternately, alas — knitting with two fine yarns held together requires, at least from me, close inspection lest one of the yarns be left behind.) Whereas sitting in the kitchen playing Freecell, although obviously reprehensible, seems less wicked because I am surrounded by the clearing-up I am going to do any moment now.


I am sure you are right, that we would be better off in many respects with two cats. Southern Gal, I loved your account of how your two establish and protect their own territories. I think it would be too much for us, though.

And I agree that cats can live happily indoors, safe from ticks and dogs and motor cars (and coyotes, my sister says, in CT). And Perdita has our company, almost constantly  But I have always felt that a great deal of the charm of a cat is that it lives with one in perfect freedom, goes where it pleases, does what it likes, comes home for cat food and because (although it would rather not admit it) it is rather fond of one. I am sorry to deprive Perdita of that sort of life.

With her aunt and cousins gone to the country, I am top of her list again. That’s nice.


  1. Re knitting and reading: I've discovered the pleasures of downloaded Radio 4 on my MP3 - "In Our Time" on "Mrs Dalloway", for example. Listening to Melvyn and a group of academics while your hands are free to knit makes the most of the afternoon.
    Good to hear that your husband is on the mend. It must be bewildering for him to be still in limbo.

  2. I'm with Shandy. How can it be frivolous when you are listening to academics discuss Pliny the Younger? Your description of ideal cat lifestyle reminded me of the Just So Stories Cat.

  3. My experience is that two cats are less trouble than one as they entertain themselves and need less of my attention.

    I hope you continue to knit in sin in the afternoon...

  4. GrannyPurple2:47 PM

    When no one else is here, I make a large milky coffee and sit in the living room and knit and listen to music--before breakfast. It makes a perfect start to the day, and I usually have a full complement of animals to keep me company. A few days ago, cat #2 purloined a very small ball of yarn, and silently played with it in the dining room, creating a true cat's cradle around the table and chair legs.

  5. I'm all in favor of knitting, reading, listening to good radio programs, at any time of the day or night - be flexible!

  6. Giving cats their freedom is all well and good until something happens to them. We live in a semi-rural area and had outdoor cats for years since we also had lots of mice in the fields. They had access to the garage when necessary. They were constantly prey to cars on the road (even though there were 25 or more acres of land surrounding us to inhabit) and coyotes. Every few years we were having to replace. If I were to have one now, it would be a house cat only.

  7. I've come up with the perfect solution for that knitting guilt. I'm writing a knitting book (very slowly and will be self-published) so all knitting is research, samples, pattern tries, that sort of thing. Yup, the current Fountain Pen Shawl is an example of how lace can get lost in exuberant color changes and how that's not a bad or good thing, just a thing that you may care about.