Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Perdita’s appt with her new medical advisor is fairly early this morning. She’s not going to like it. I am going down with a friend who has provided a push-chair for cats. Perdita prefers to travel in the vegetable-carrier underneath. 

I knit peacefully on with the Tokyo yesterday. You’re right, Wanda, it’s beautiful. Was the one you saw in Copenhagen blocked into an ordinary, right-angle rectangle, or did the blocking respect the bias? If that question makes any sense. There’s lots of knitting involved and it’s worth keeping at it. I’ll do a few days more before I finish off that dog.

I haven’t yet attempted the new swatches for Franklin, but I’ve chosen the yarns. The temperature swatch is going to be Warm, and the chroma, as I said yesterday, blue. A “chroma” is a slice-of-pie-shaped wedge from the colour wheel. Interestingly, the spell-checker knows the word, although I didn’t.

Wednesday, that’s a stunning sweater (comment, yesterday), and you’re right, I’ve got granddaughters who could wear it. The colour pattern is one that makes one itch to get the needles out. I worry about whether it would be comfortable to wear wool so tight. Would the sweater mind being knit with a bit of positive ease to allow for a shirt underneath? That style, buttoned at the top for a bit and then hanging open, seems to be everywhere at the moment.

And, Fitz14, that is wonderful news that Arne and Carlos are going to be at McAree Bros soon. That’s very near here, a due passi, and I will certainly go along. I don’t know with quite what purpose. I could take a book and have them sign it. I could stand there and bask in their charm. I went to hear them speak at a Knitting Day at the National Museum a while ago. They are professional charmers.

Now it’s time for me to get dressed and put the cat in her push-chair.


  1. I hope it is good news from the vet about Perdita.

    I blocked my Tokyo stole to preserve the bias (to be honest, I don't think it would be possible to block it into a rectangle). I just made sure that the long edges stayed parallel and the width was what I wanted and let the short ends be at whatever angle they wanted. I'll try to post a photo on Ravelry tonight.

  2. From what I could see of it it looked as though it was blocked straight. Sent a photo to your email address but may have got the address incorrect.

  3. Good luck on Travels with Perdita. I look forward to the next chapter.

  4. The all-colors-sweater on the Ravelry pattern page is modeled with something under it -- and appears to be not so aggressively negatively-eased. I put it on my list, too.

  5. Jean, it occurs to me that you may enjoy this app for the iPad -- a fully interactive edition of Albers's masterpiece on color:

    It would be a nice complement to the work you are doing in Franklin's class. I have a copy of the app, myself, and have only poked around, but already have learned a good deal just by playing with the exercises.

    I hope for good news about Perdita; I am glad she seems not to be in distress.

    1. Thank you, Kristen! Josef Albers' work is one of my major inspirations -- how fun to have it on a mobile device!

    2. Yes -- it is amazing to have all the tools right at one's fingertips! I am really pleased that Yale (press) invested the tome and money to create this one, and I was more than happy to spend $19.99 (US) on it.

    3. "Invested the TIME and money," although I find my typo amusing.