Sunday, August 02, 2015

Brilliant, Mary Lou! Control-Z! Not only does it back-track the game, but the machine doesn’t regard it as a loss, so it doesn’t affect my overall percentage. I play at about 80%. I wonder if there’s a way to delete this game before I have thrown the rest of my life away. I’ve done it before, on another machine.

And, while you’re here, no, I haven’t read Tana French. I’ll remember the name.

It turns out the mouse wasn’t working because it was switched off. That must have been Perdita’s doing.

“Loop-d-Loop” turned up yesterday — the detested Amazon is nothing if not accurate, and fast. It’s extremely interesting — I expected no less of Meg. I haven’t finished reading-perusing yet. Helen (not a knitter) sat at the kitchen table yesterday looking at it, before I had seen it at all, exclaiming in delight at page after page. It’s a book of ideas as much as of patterns.

I think I’m going to let Norwegian Patterns go, despite your excellent and undoubtedly correct advice. The other time this happened, the Schoolhouse sent a book with a very similar title — “Knitting in Art” instead of “Art Knitting”, something like that. It was a book I didn’t have, and although I didn’t want it much, certainly not as much as the one I had actually ordered, I rolled with the punch and bought both.


I’ve started the ninth passage of cabling on the back of the Sous Sous. It’s slow going, this thing, with all those stitches and all that double moss stitch. My current bedtime Craftsy class is Sally Melville on “Essential Techniques Every Knitter Should Know”. I’m in the middle of the lesson about selvedges and am happy to report that the Sous Sous has a two-stitch st st selvedge of which Sally would thoroughly approve. I actually look forward to seaming it.

She’s against circular knitting for sweaters, and not afraid of swimming against the tide. Seams give structure. I’ve heard that before.

Mundi, so far I don’t understand how the front of the Sous Sous works. You cast on just as many stitches as for the back, and set the pattern in the same way. Then when you begin actually knitting it, you start doing deceases in the double moss stitch part. There are many fewer repeats of the cable pattern -- but the side seams, obviously, have to be just as long.

I’ve looked up Wendy Knits’ account of hers, as you suggested, and am mightily impressed. I’m already sure that I have quantities more yarn than I need, and therefore enough to make it “a few inches longer” as she suggests, and to do away with the bias knit for the front. She mentions short rows for the shoulders. I don’t know whether they’re in the pattern or not.

I’m just at the point where all this could be achieved without frogging. I’ll finish the current cable pattern and then do some hard thinking while I cycle through my other two WIPs.

She calls the whole thing “the double moss stitch marathon”. Absolutely.

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That is a comment from Perdita, who has been put out of the room. 


  1. That Perdita, so witty! Happy to help you waste your life away. Teva Durham has some interesting ideas, doesn't she?

  2. I just love Perdita's comments!

  3. Sounds to me as if Perdita wants food (fud) or she will call the cops. She is one smart cookie!

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  5. absolutely agree on shoulder seams but not so much on side seams. I'm currently knitting a Fair Isle sweater design by one of the Starmores. The instructions said kitchner the shoulders but I did a three needle bind off as I had visions of the shoulders growing and doing a slow slide down my slopy shoulders.
    Perdita sounds like a wonderful companion.
    Deleted the previous comment as I couldn't figure out to edit

  6. Lovely Perdita: beautiful and witty!

  7. rosesmama7:31 PM

    Oh, I highly recommend Tana French. I also just finished the latest, and envy you the option of first reading them in order.

  8. Haha! Love Perdita's contribution. :)

  9. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Oh, a word from Perdita is always welcome.
    -- stashdragon