Sunday, August 23, 2015

Brief, this morning. No knitting yesterday.

Something is wrong with one of Perdita's back legs or hips. She is reasonably cheerful and alert, eating reasonably. I am undecided about whether to take her to an emergency vet or wait until normal working hours tomorrow. She was perfectly all right yesterday morning.

Archie took these pictures of the Glenisla Shield yesterday, I think the best we've got, even though it takes two to convey the idea. I won it for Sam the Ram in the year of our Golden Wedding.

And Helen dug the potatoes which our gardener had put in. My poor garden! But at least that much of it has been redeemed.

But this is what Games Day boiled down to:

And on top of all my other troubles, Blogger is having trouble with pics. I'll try to add the essential illustrations later in the day. Perdita is well enough to try to help with Blogger. I think the vet can wait until tomorrow.


  1. Give Perdita a gentle massage..young cats can injure themselves with their antics :) she might also find it relaxing.....

  2. Will Helen bring you some of the potatoes? Nothing like them freshly dug, is there?

  3. Cats can bump and bash themselves just the same way we do, without any more lasting damage than being a bit stiff and bruised for a day or two. She is still very young though so not a bad idea to get her checked over tomorrow if she's still hobbling.

    But in the meantime, check her paws. A splinter or stone or cut in a pad can cause them to limp too. Or a torn claw.