Thursday, August 20, 2015

My INR was perfection — 2.5, if the new system is to be believed. I must have achieved harmony between Waitrose Low Alcohol Cider and hummus. I don’t have to go back for a month.

Strathardle is up in the air. My husband is not happy about my going, understandably, and I am reluctant to waltz off and leave him in this mess. David and Helen continue to have problems about their flat on Windsor Street. Appointments with architects and plumbers and carpet-layers had to be rejigged yesterday with the result, as far as the Games are concerned, that we wouldn’t be able to leave here until late tomorrow. I had been looking forward to a Strathardle afternoon of doing all the things that haven’t been done this summer.

I have decided that the solution to my madelinetosh problem — if only all of life’s problems  revolved around madelinetosh! — is to order a vest’s-worth of Woodstock. (Jimmy Bean doesn’t seem to have Roasted Hatch Chillies in DK anyway.) If my husband doesn’t like it when it arrives, I’ll start his vest in the Whiskey Barrel I have here for the Sous Sous. I’m sure I’ve got too much, and since they keep saying that there are no dye lots I can start with what I’ve got, and order more.

I am sure I can find another use for a vest’s-worth of madelinetosh DK in Woodstock, if push comes to shove.

I did spend yesterday evening swatching for Franklin, and was horrified at how long it’s taking me. The two-colour patterns he provides as course material have a 22-stitch repeat so I thought I’d cast on 44, plus 4 for a 2-stitch garter st selvedge on each side, thinking ahead to my Franklin Scarf

That’s an awful lot of knitting, it turns out. On the other hand, I am finding the result rather interesting. Franklin’s Lesson Three will just have to wait, for now.

I’ve also realised that there’s not much point in having browns and greys in the Chaos Basket, because they don’t figure in the colour wheel. I have decided to open the bag in which I keep the precious J&S yarn for that Fair Isle vest. I’ll surely have to order some more of something, anyway, when I finally start that vest. So, browns and greys out; Fair Isle colours in.

Here’s the swatch, so far. Not colours I would wear, but I think the result is rather interesting. (These colours are meant to be complementary — directly across the colour wheel from each other.) 

Lizzie is coming to the hospital with us this morning. She is here in Edinburgh for some Festival-ing. She is Rachel’s youngest child, recently graduated from B’ham University. She can tell us all about the horrors of last weekend’s move, and the experience of living in the new, much smaller, house.


  1. Eat.sleep.knit has 12 skeins of moorland in Madtosh dk in stock. It's decidedly green

  2. Such a difficult situation with your husband in hospital. It would be good for you to go to Strathardle, but hard to leave him when he objects. At least there is knitting.