Sunday, August 16, 2015

The missing follower has reappeared. Or maybe I'm imagining the whole thing.

Sarah, thank you for that most timely hint about the dog’s tummy. I was worried about the length of that piece when I finished knitting it yesterday (=seemed a bit too much), and I will certainly start sewing it in from the nose as you suggest.

I finished the ears as well — they didn't take long, as you can imagine — so that’s all the dog-knitting done. I went on to the Sous Sous, and found its long, long rows a positive pleasure after all that fiddling.

The situation there is that the first instruction is to knit the 16-row cable pattern repeat nine times. I’ve done that. Next, knit the first 14 rows again. That’s what I’m doing. Then the neck and shoulder shaping begins.

I don’t know quite what I think of this three-WIP system. Everything is in hand, and moving forward, however slowly. Nothing seems to get finished. But that’s not true — I’ve done the Fantoosh (which wasn’t in the system) and the pocket squares. It occurs to me that if no one wants to keep his pocket square for a souvenir, I could join all nine into a nice little cat-blanket for Hellie and Matt. It would come in handy if they ever get a cat.

I found my written notes for my husband’s missing vest — not as useful as they might be, but not entirely useless, either. “K” appears, so I must have been using the EPS to some extent. The computer notes give two different dates for the finish. Something must have required re-doing, and I think I half-remember that the shoulders were too wide, and drooped in an unappetising fashion over the upper arm.

The swatch is there; that’s good; and a note of the needle size. The main thing missing is a record of the number of rounds from cast-on to underarm, or even a measurement. From there on, the figures are fairly complete.

Meanwhile my poor husband is without a sweater. I’ll take him what I can find in his drawer (both hand-knit, I am pleased to see). I fear they are both too small for his expanded self; indeed, that must be why he asked me to knit the missing one in the first place.

I’ll try reading the blog for the relevant period — early 2013 — but I doubt if it will contain any numbers.


  1. I sympathise madly with the loss of the vest. I spent part of today washing a very heavy pullover belonging to my father. It is, from memory, a 14ply. He wanted to know if I could make another like it. They no longer make the same yarn (a merino) for which I am duly thankful. It was not a "Tosh" sort of yarn at all!

  2. I just found that Franklin has a new class on color on Craftsy. One wish fulfilled.

  3. Is it possible - or at all desirable - to knit gussets which would widen the jumpers your husband no longer fits?

    Probably cast on about twenty stitches each and taper up the sides to the underarm, possible extension into the upper sleeve if needed.

  4. I love the multiple WIP idea. I have one lace shawl (which I really need to get done so I can start knitting for my book) and for when I'm shaky from pain or nausea I have a worsted weight cotton sweater that's pretty near brainless (except for having to alternate balls every so often). I should probably look at the pattern soonish though, so I can figure out how raglan decreases in the round differ from the back and forth variety.