Monday, August 24, 2015

I wonder if Blogger’s difficulty with pics yesterday was another Windows-10-interaction. They seem to have solved the initial difficulty, where all composing had to be done in raw HTML. I’ve reverted to the Mac for this morning, and we’ll see.

Thank you for the advice about Perdita. I was enormously cheered by your comment, Anne, that kittens can hurt themselves as they throw their wee selves so energetically about. It’s not a phenomenon I had ever met, but it makes good sense as an explanation.

She is perhaps slightly better. She continues to eat and wash herself normally, and is obviously not in pain, not even when one touches the affected hip. She has incorporated disability into the daily life of a Naughty Kitten with some style. She can still jump, although it takes a bit more thought than usual. So I am going to wait at least another day before seeking medical attention. She would hate it so.

That was my husband’s advice yesterday, to stay away from the vet for now. It is distressing to see any animal in difficulty with its hindquarters, especially when it is an animal one loves.


I have finished my homework for Franklin’s second lesson, and am free to go on to lesson three.

(Bear in mind that the two swatches are not meant to be related to each other. I am doing them continuously to save a bit of trouble, and in the hopes of having a Franklin Scarf for my pains at the end.) (Picture-uploading went perfectly smoothly. I'll now go back and illustrate yesterday's post.)

And I have resumed knitting the Tokyo.

And I continue to give some thought to the using-up of all my delicious tosh DK left-overs. I’ve started through the HALFPINT folder of purchased, down-loaded and printed-out patterns. There are some very nice things there. I had wondered if Fettig’s “Effortless” would lend itself to diagonal-seeming stripes, but apparently not. It is not really asymmetrical — it’s a wrap-around cardigan which looks asymmetrical when worn unfastened and hanging open.

I haven’t tried Melville’s stash book yet. Today I will.


In my husband’s absence, I have been reading an awful lot of crime fiction, without finding anything I could wholeheartedly recommend to you. 

Worrying about the cat, however, is a whole different matter. One needs something one can mentally chew on. I have now embarked on “Life’s Greatest Secret” by Matthew Cobb. It is about the discovery of DNA — not the double helix, although that will no doubt figure, but the way genetic information is encoded. It is fascinating. 

It is particularly interesting, in the early chapters, to learn how much significant work on the subject was done during the war, in the US and England and France, although it was without military usefulness. Deoxyribonucleic acid was known, and known to be a component of chromosomes, but the majority opinion in those days was that information about heredity was passed on by proteins.


  1. I don't know anything about cats, but there are times I hurt myself and need to heal with no intervention needed. And Perdita is much younger than I am. Perhaps you can use what you learn in Franklin's class and add the Tosh stripes to a pattern you know and love. Good striping/color blending isn't as easy to achieve as it seems. I've had some disasters, certainly. But with the Tosh you could almost work in randomly and it would look great.

  2. I hope Perdita continues to improve. Your book sounds like a wonderful distraction. As a former practicing molecular biologist, the story of cracking the genetic code fascinates me. It all seems obvious now, especially to the young, but working out that DNA carried the genetic information, and then that is was a triplet code (rather than based on groups of 2, or 4, or any other number) and matching the triplets of bases to individual amino acids, is an intellectual tour-de-force that leaves me awestruck.

  3. Did you see this article last week? I found it absolutely fascinating. The Cobb book sounds very interesting as well. Thank you so much for mentioning it.

  4. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I hope you enjoy the book, Jean! And lucky you to have a kitten. I hope she is back to her usual bouncy ways soon – Matthew Cobb