Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's all go, today.

It's the final day here, for Helen and her family. She and her husband are leaving for Athens tomorrow on the absurdly early Sunday-morning flight that C. and I took at the end of March. How are Perdita and I to manage without them? Archie is back at school, and his youngest brother Fergus has, by now, spent nearly 48 hours there as a New Boy. He's not entirely happy.

The on-going sagas which have occupied the summer remain a) my husband's condition and b) the flat on Windsor Street which Helen has altered radically to prepare for their own occupancy in a year's time. It will be let again in the interval. Getting it ready to show to the letting agent yesterday has, needless to say, involved a series of major and minor crises which have left us all prostrate.

I hope to see it myself this morning, before Helen and I go to visit my husband, before she and her husband go to visit Fergus in the afternoon.

Before all this starts, I must go up the hill and buy some scallops for David and Helen's final summer-of-'15 supper this evening. It is, incidentally, the last day our dear fishmonger will be at work. I need to say goodbye and thank you. His nephew is taking over the business, the fifth generation of the family to be so occupied.

As for knitting, I moved forward with the Tokyo. I'll stop – for the moment – when I finish the current band, and move on to dog-assembly-and-stuffing.

I tried a couple of rows of Portuguese knitting yesterday, on Franklin's swatch. It went a good deal better than my attempts earlier this year at continental knitting. Yarn-around-the-neck is a bit uncomfortable. It might be worth getting, or confecting, a pin. And continuing to try a couple of rows a day. This is where the Craftsy system really scores – I can go back and back and watch the movements of the teacher's hands.

But the good old slow-and-clumsy system is what one needs for comfort.

And that's about it. Perdita's limp is gone.


  1. Jean, I am so glad that Perdita is well again. I am sorry that the Apple store is such a bother. My own, much more limited, experience with international online transactions (from the US and from the EU) gives me a sense of what a drag they can be.

    I hope that things look up for Fergus at school. I met my 31 first-year (US college) advisees, and many of their parents, yesterday afternoon. This is the season of adjusment and new experiences for so many young people, and I wish them all well!

  2. My husband tells the story of his 'consignment' at age 14 to a boarding school in Connecticut. How he hated it and tried every trick in the book to get his parents to bow to his desire to go home. They persevered; he grew to love it and credits that school with his any successes he has had in adulthood. Press on regardless seems to have been the motto of the day. I hope that Fergus will adjust and find some happiness there.

  3. Jean if you decide you want a pin, let me know. I took a Portuguese knitting class once and bought a number of pins, just in case. If I can find them, I'll pop one in the mail to you.

  4. I think Perdita just wanted to know if you loved her enough to get medical care for here. Since you passed her test she doesn't have to limp anymore. ; )