Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I wouldn’t want to boast or anything, but I had an email from Kate Davies yesterday, asking about my obituary of Gladys Amedro. It was published in the Scotsman 15 years ago, but to get it from there she would have to take out a whole on-line subscription. I've copied it for her, of course. I think it was the last journalism I ever published. I am slightly horrified to see how long ago it was, and to find that I am older than Gladys Amedro ever got to be.
I  trust everybody has read Kate's recent post about her trip to Shetland – Feb 16, called “Generosity”. Amazing pictures. Her forthcoming hap book is going to be terrific.
 And I bet it’ll be published when promised. The latest news from the Vintage Shetland Project hopes for mid-April,  five months later than we were told when we cloud-funded.  She’s got to nip back to Shetland for one or two things “at the end of this month”. And that means she won’t be signing copies at the Edinburgh Wool Fest next month, another promise gone. She’ll sign book plates instead, and you can stick them in when you actually get a book.

I’m sure these delays will be forgotten in the fullness of history, but for the moment I remain cross. An English priest, now pretty well unknown, Ronald Knox by name, once said that a man’s first duty is to his plans. He was deliberately exaggerating, but there’s a germ of truth there.

 All well here. Archie is coming today, cutting his half-term holiday in Athens short by a few days in order to do some A-Level work in the National Library. I have made him chilli from Nigella’s new book, but his mother has just phoned from Athens to say that he and his cousin Alistair (James’ and Cathy’s son, computer science at Glasgow University) are meeting here this afternoon and going out to a movie. We’ll have the chilli tomorrow. It is said to improve on keeping. 

As for knitting, my fingers seemed cold and stiff yesterday, or maybe it’s that heel-turning involves a certain amount of counting and attention-paying. At any rate, I finally got around the heel of the Arne & Carlos sock and am now going full-speed-ahead down the foot. The sock odd-ball bag is gone; that was a mistake. But the sock bag contains two 100 gram+ skeins of madtosh Twist Light in Chicory. One is plenty for a pair of socks, so I wound the other to use as a toe-supplement when Arne & Carlos runs out.
It now turns out that Scotland is about to close the women’s prison. I wonder what will happen to my yarn?

And later on, I got back to the Sous Sous and have started the cabling for the fourth repeat. When it’s done, I’ll turn to the Tokyo shawl and press on until it’s finished.


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Jean per your previous post, I googled Istanbul Mosaic and found that Loveknitting showed the colors as "in the skein". So I tried (also listed by Google) and they displayed a knitted up swatch so you can see the final result. I know you guessed as much in terms of appearance but in case you haven't actually seen it, I thought I'd mention it. Can't remember now if Yarnsupply is one or two words, sorry. Chloe

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    It is (one word) and it is $1 cheaper by the skein although loveknitting has promotions which might even it out. Chloe

  3. Isn't that obituary pinned up somewhere on a board at Jamieson & Smith's, Jean? I seem to remember that from when we were there.

    I'm down at my mom's to be with her while she is in the hospital. By coincidence I am also working on a pair of Arne & Carlos socks while I sit by her bedside. Several nurses have commented on how beautiful they are. I haven't bothered to tell them the yarn is doing all the work, not me. :-)

    Enjoy your visit with Archie. And yes, chilli tastes even better the day after it's made.

  4. Carol, San Diego5:31 PM

    I am happy your husband is feeling better and that you've made so much progress with your knitting projects. The blankie is outstanding.

    I learn so much from you, Jean! Frankly, I did not know who Gladys Amedro was nor of her contributions to Shetland Lace. I also didn't know you were a journalist altho' I certainly should have guessed that from reading your blog. If there's any chance you would share the obit your wrote on Gladys...there is nothing about her in Wikipedia.

  5. Syd T.3:38 PM

    Thinking of you and Hubby, hoping all is well.

  6. I hope all is well and your absence is due to happy things.

  7. Hope that all is well and you are just busy with family visiting....

    1. Re the prison yarn ... Perhaps you could call them... They may throw it out if it's too much trouble for them to deal with it in the move.

  8. I miss you and hope you are just too busy with family to post.
    All the best for you and your husband.

  9. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Jean, this isn't like you. We're getting worried. Sending supportive thoughts in your direction.
    Wishing you all the best, Helen (anon)

  10. Am missing you and imagining you busy with the efforts to arrange home health care for your lovely mate. Hope it is not too frantic and that you are well.

  11. I, too, am concerned. Without news, I fear the worst.

  12. Am concerned about you and your hubby....please let us know whatis happening with you both.

  13. Another with concern for your well-being ...

  14. I am yet another concerned about you and hoping you are busy due to good news

  15. Count me as another with concerns as to the silence from Perdita's house. Hoping that all is well and we will here from you soonest.