Sunday, February 14, 2016

We lost to Wales yesterday. We were ahead for much of the match and it was almost unbearably exciting.

That cat has chewed through my iPad charging cord for the second time.

My husband continues to make good progress, but also continues on oxygen. I need to get hold of someone who knows what’s going on.

I’m making splendid progress with the Arne&Carlos sock – ideal hospital-visiting material, and the patterned yarn keeps one knitting keenly on to see what’s going to happen next. The result is good, but not, perhaps, quite right for office wear. I’ll have to shop around a bit for a recipient.

The pleasure of the knitting set me to wondering whether Regia had brought out any new artist lines recently. In past years, I’ve knit a couple of their Van Goghs, and, I think, a Hundertwasser. As far as I can gather, there’s no new name (unless you count Arne&Carlos). But I did stumble across a colorway called Istanbul Mosaic. I’ve got to get that for Greek Helen and it’s not proving easy to come by.

The new IK turned up on Friday – an embarrassment of riches, so soon after VK. It's still winter at Vogue, but early spring for IK. I like this issue a lot – new editor settling into the saddle? Articles about small-scale American producers of yarn, sheep-to-mill-to-dye-pot. Some very nice small shawls. I’m rather taken with Carol Feller’s Yorkshire Capelet – extra warmth for shoulders and chest a) leaving arms free and b) staying put without needing to be tugged at.


I am in the process of being moved from rat poison (Warfarin) onto a different blood thinner. I’ll start tomorrow if a last INR test shows my blood to be at the right clotting level after omitting Warfarin yesterday and today. I’ve got the new pills, and have read the accompanying text with attention. There are lots of scary side effects – but nothing about diet. I can apparently have all the kale and all the cider I want!


  1. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Yay for kale! But, isn't it Lent?

    Beverly in NJ.

    1. I don't think anyone has EVER given up kale for lent...! (And, yes, I do get that you are referring to the cider, Beverly. Please do not deny me my giggles!)

  2. One can wear socks outside of the office, even if a gentleman. I have not yet started an Arne and Carlos pair. I am eyeing the yarn each week at the shop, I should just break down and do it. Sadly, the shop has stopped carrying magazines, so I haven't seen either of the new ones yet. I may restart my subscriptions.

  3. When our beloved doxie Rhett Butler was a puppy we used to use a spray called Bitter Apple to stop his chewing. Perhaps repeated applications this or something like it would stop your little angel from chewing the cord.

  4. My darling cats have cost me a fortune chewing through iPad charging cords and headphone wires - my younger son seems incapable of keeping the cat away from them. I recommend "Amazon Basics" ipad charging cords: they are a third of the price and do the job perfectly well. And if you get the black version for some reason the cats don't like them as much as the white one's.

  5. Argh, that stray apostrophe was predictive text, not me! The shame of it!

  6. Anonymous7:40 PM

    When my husband had a conference to attend in Vienna, I insisted we make a trip to the Hundertwasswe Museum. We both enjoyed it....then he asked me how I knew about Hundertwasser. I told him about knitting Hundertwasser unmatched socks with Regia, and he said"who knew socks knitting could send you to a museum in Vienna?"

    Even better: a few years later we saw a sign in New Zealand directing tourists to the "Hundertwasser Toilets!" (And as a side light, my auto correct keeps changing "Hundertwasser". To "hinder teaser" which sound vaguely pornographic to me!)

    Barbara M. In NH

  7. When we had a bunny and when we had Guinea pigs, I used to wipe cords down with Tabasco. Worked pretty well. With the bunny, I used to joke that if it didn't work, at least it would flavor the meat. My daughter was...not amused

  8. Anonymous10:59 PM

    I made the sample for Carol Feller's capelet in Interweave Knits, and I tried it out before I washed and blocked it. It's lovely and cosy, and a very practical garment; I'd never have considered knitting myself a capelet before this. The dovestone yarn is beautiful and really warm, without feeling too heavy. I enjoyed knitting the pattern, even though the rows at the base are very long. Aine.

  9. Anonymous2:31 AM

    I hope modern offices have lightened up regarding socks - they are mostly under one's trousers anyway. Or maybe I should I say I don't want to work anywhere that would forbid hand knitted Istanbul Mosaic socks!
    I really enjoy both your posts and the comments of your dedicated readers.
    Let's hope the new week goes well.

  10. there is a new type of cord that is braided... perhaps those would help stem the affects of her chewing. perhaps she is teething? does she have enough chewing toys? sorry about the sports loss.

    hope you find someone to help with your husband's diagnosis.

    i have spent the entire day dealing with a hacked account (starbucks) that then compromised my bank account so i am locked out until tuesday when the banks open ... its hell.

  11. =Tamar6:41 PM

    GizModo had a link to the sewell direct com site for MOS Spring Lightning Cable, which is steel reinforced for the whole length. While it costs more, it should last a lot longer.

  12. I think the Van Gogh and Hunterwasser are actually Opal colorways. I'm sorry about both your husband being ill and Perdita being a little stinker in chewing the cord again!