Sunday, February 07, 2016

We lost. It's not that we wuz robbed – it's just that we lost the match.

I'm much better. Rachel called the NHS 24 number on my behalf. A pleasant young dr eventually came. He thought I had nothing worse than a cold but left a course of antibiotics anyway. They seem to have wrought a prompt improvement.

I didn't visit the hospital yesterday. Alexander went, before the match, and says that his father was weak and breathless but in good spirits. He has been moved to the wonderful Royal Victoria building which has private rooms with en suite facilities. Good, in one sense. No sumo wrestlers or singers of Burns in the next bed. Worrying, in another – that's where he spent all those weeks last year. Alexander doesn't think there's much hope of getting him home before social services' 72-hours rule comes into effect and home help is withdrawn.

I'll go today. Perhaps I'll take that sock along with the thought of just sitting around quietly for a while.

I finished casting off the Dunfallandy blankie yesterday. Maybe I can proceed to actually finishing it today. There's not much to do.

London: now comes Wednesday. On Wednesday I went to Loop, where I met one of you by arrangement. It's a wonderful place!

I think I've found the madtosh shade I want for a basic v-neck long sleeved DK sweater for my husband. It's called Tannehill. It's dark green. I'm surprised I hadn't noticed it before. Neither Webs nor Jimmy Bean seems to carry it (I have subsequently found) – that may be partly why. It's on Loop's own website of course – the skeins I held in my hands that day were darker than they appear on screen.

Anyway, Loop didn't have enough and I've left an order. I've since found a US supplier who does have enough and am tempted to rush ahead.

Nothing else really grabbed me. They had a box of some very attractive sets of graduated colours – I wish I had made a note of what exactly they were. The title had the word "sock" in it, but the little packages didn't look as if they had enough yarn for a whole serious pair of socks, and anyway they were pure merino and I want some polyamide or whatever it's called in a sock yarn.

Sets of graduated colours seem suddenly to be everywhere. Even Koigu is doing it.

I bought Perdita some point protectors while I was there. She is obsessed with point protectors. I have a little olivewood bowl on the table in front of me when I knit, for stitch markers and safely pins and the like. I bought it in Athens last spring. She will go through it with careful paw, looking for point protectors. When she finds one, she will throw it vigorously around the room.

But eventually she will mislay it, and then we need more.


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I was also in Loop the Friday of that week. The graduated mini-skein sets you mention were Pigeonroof mini skeins graduated sets, which have 40g each of six colours forming one set.


  2. Centuries ago, when I was a girl, I had a cat who ate point protectors. I had to hide them from her.
    The Koigu gradients are wonderful, I think!
    Hope you continue to bounce back from your bug, and that the Mister gets home soon.

  3. So if the 72 hour rule is in effect, will he have to stay in hospital until the social service set up is back in place? Too bad Scotland lost, but at least you don't have another project for the queue!

  4. Thinking good thoughts for your husband's swift improvement, hope your own cold passes quickly, and I am so looking forward to photos of the blanket once you get it blocked!

  5. It's so good to hear you sounding healthier and happier. I dislike taking medicine, but it's wonderful when you really need it. LOVE the idea of your buying point protecters for Perdita.

  6. Perdita the knitterly cat. What a lovely match up for your household; she's turned out to be quite the smart and interesting character. I'm glad both you and your husband are on the mend. The Tannehill seems a rich deep color, I very much like how Mad Tosh colors have dimension.

  7. Sorry you have both a cold and a poorly husband. Maybe him being in hospital will give you some resting time to recover more quickly?

  8. Glad to hear of your improved health. Here's hoping your husband rallies and Soc Serv don't put up a fight to get the help reinstalled.

    Love the idea of point protectors for Perdita (alliterative too). However, are you not worried she may swallow them? I hope they are too large for that - but it was my first concern. It seems she is not interested in the shiny stitch markers... But they too are small and could be swallowed. Perhaps I am being too cautious. I am too afraid of either of my cats getting their paws on those wee things and they are in tins or boxes so as not to tempt.

    We are having the weirdest of winters here swinging back and forth temp wise... But as the warm spells after snow means that it melts... No complaints here.

  9. Continued good thoughts to you and yours.