Thursday, February 11, 2016

Real progress.

My husband really did seem better yesterday. He was up, in his chair, and at one point walked (with assistance) from chair to bathroom and, later, back. The initial course of antibiotic should be finished by now. I’ll be interested to see if they have renewed it.

One or two more hospital visits will polish off that Pakokku sock.

And the Milo Bambino pattern that Kristie suggested yesterday is the perfect solution, I think, to my itch to knit a pack of those Pigeonroof Studio graduated skeins I saw at Loop. (They wouldn’t cost £50, Shandy; only about half that. And the point here is not so much to keep the baby warm, as to gratify my wish for the yarn.) I’ve bought and printed the Milo Bambino pattern. It’ll be just the thing for a summer baby.

I won’t buy the yarn, however, until we’ve got a baby safely in hand. I think somebody told me once that it is a pious Jewish practice to buy a baby back from God when it is a month old. I’ve probably got that wrong, but I sympathize with the idea.

So last night I was about to sit down and resume the Tokyo shawl – and I couldn’t find it. I get tired at the end of the day – I picked up the Sous Sous instead and left the problem until this morning, when I hoped the synapses would be firing. And, not without a struggle, I have found it, not very far from where I thought it was.

However, I think the prudent thing to do is to finish the current pattern repeat on the Sous Sous, now that I’ve embarked on it. It makes resumption so much easier.


Here’s the promised picture of that Chinese cat in Sydenham. He rather resembles Lear’s famous cat Foss. His family has bought him one of those elaborate pieces of cat furniture which at least he has the grace to use.


  1. Talk about putting a pet on a pedestal! What good manners he has to use his furniture.

  2. Thank you for giving Lear a mention. Such delightfully silly, memorable poems, and sadly, hardly ever heard now.

  3. I had to think several times, trying to remember King Lear having a cat. Very early here...

  4. So nice to hear that your husband is better!
    I thought about King Lear´s cat, too . . .