Thursday, February 25, 2016

Maureen, that’s really exciting news that you, too, are planning to knit a pair of Knitcircus graduated socks from opposite directions. Be sure to report back here on the result.

I not only reached the heel of the 2nd Arne&Carlos sock yesterday, I got around it, gusset-decreases and all. Today, I hope to speed down the foot.

I guess the one good thing to be said about my husband’s current situation is that the slightly out-of-this-worldly Ward 15 is entirely devoted to getting rid of its patients. When I am wandering along long, mysterious passages utterly lost on my way in or out, and meet a helpful hospital employee, they refer to it as the “winter ward”. Otherwise, no news. I came home yesterday washed-out with exhaustion after just sitting there knitting for a couple of hours.

I also had a good session with the Tokyo shawl yesterday (having perked up a bit), and finished Band 26. That leaves three, of which the next is one of the little ones that pop out to make a bright accent. Then a five-row garter stitch finish, then that’s it. Blocking will be a bugger, I’m afraid. But this is an exciting moment.

It’s not only the nearness to the half-brioche sweater for myself, but also the thought of the great-grandchild and the Tiny Garments I hope to knit in only a couple more weeks. Knowing the sex in advance facilitates pattern-choosing.


We’re about to have a referendum – on Rachel’s 58th birthday – about whether GB should remain in the EU. I have never known such a political moment. We ask each other, What do you think about this? – and all confess that we simply don’t know.

Whereas in the US, all are unanimously agreed that Trump is absurd and increasingly terrifying. Who is to stand in his way? Is Hillary sufficient?


  1. Because I was emphasizing the bias on my Tokyo, blocking was easy. I washed it, rolled in a towel to remove most of the water, then hung it (pulled to size) draped over a rail with a dry towel underneath, and let gravity do its bit. It looks lovely.

    1. Any pictures on Ravelry? I'm sure we'd all like to see it!

  2. Susie B1:02 PM

    It seems that everyone has baggage this election. Trump is Trump, Jeb dropped out, Kasich isn't even winning here in Ohio in the polls, Cruz and Rubio have questions about birth and loyalty, Hillary has Bill and all the scandals, and Bernie is off his rocker. Which one of these would be the best? I like the idea of a woman president but Hillary has so much baggage and is a chronic liar that she's not the one. She's running like Jeb did, on things that happened 10 or more years ago. And it seems to be a real possibility that something will happen with the email scandal.

    1. I think the people who want you to think Sanders is off his rocker are the people who would have to actually pay their taxes and support our country. Among other things on his very clear platform (the only actual platform I've seen so far from any candidate) is equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, race, nationality . . . something we've been working for my entire adult life. If that's crazy, call me crazy, because I'm for it.

  3. I finished my second Arne & Carlos sock yesterday, Jean. I'm sure whenever I wear them I will think of all the long hours I spent knitting them by my mom's bedside. You will probably be finished with yours today or tomorrow.

    Being down in the US right now means being immersed in election news. It's impossible to avoid, no matter how much I try. I have to disagree with your statement that all are unanimously agreed that Trump is absurd and increasingly terrifying. Many people seem to be fully behind him. That is the increasingly terrifying fact that exists right now in this country.

  4. Carol, San Diego4:28 PM

    Your knitting progress has inspired me. I finally started by Tokyo shawl; am only at Band 9. I've blocked two of these for friends; here is one of them.
    I empahtically agree with you, Jean, that Trump and his followers are terrifying.
    Glad that your husband is better and will soon be home again.
    P.S. there's a beautiful skein of Manos yarn featured in the Mason-Dixon blog today; she's a good writer, too.

  5. I'm vacationing in Florida and everyone I speak to down here are Trump supporters. They seem to be normal people, but sometimes it's hard to determine mental health.