Saturday, February 27, 2016

Today is Alexander’s 56th birthday – Monday would have been his 14th if he had been only a little more patient.

The news is, my husband is coming home on Wednesday.

Yesterday’s visit was as frustrating as ever, perhaps slightly more so as a weekend loomed. My husband is particularly averse to hospital weekends. He thinks we could manage on our own, without carers. I disagree. After some conversation on this topic, I went off after lunch to find someone to cross-question, with no satisfactory result, as I expected. When I got back, my husband had dozed off. I knit for a while, but he didn’t wake up, or respond when I spoke, so I left.

Shortly after my arrival in Drummond Place, the nurse rang up with the good news. Maybe I’ll even get credit for it.

As for knitting, I’ve reached the toe-shaping of the 2nd Arne&Carlos sock. That won’t be enough for a day’s visiting, so I’ll have to consult my notes and plan the beginning of the next pair.

I’ve recently signed up for “40 Ways to Cast On and Bind Off” in Craftsy, with Aurora Sisneros. She starts off with the long-tail cast on (no surprise) and does it the cat’s-cradle way which I think I first saw in Franklin’s hands when I went all the way to London that time for classes with him at Loop. I have always done it –  I think I learned this from a friend at Hampton Elementary School in Detroit – by knitting into a loop on my left thumb.

It’s sort of a shame that I’ll have to cast on the next socks in the hospital today, without wi-fi access. (When I was there with my pulmonary embolisms, I was told that there are parts of Scotland which provide patients with wi-fi. But not Lothian.) Still, there will be other cast-ons.

I made a good start yesterday on Band 28 (the penultimate one) of the Tokyo shawl.

I’ve been thinking about knitting a little shawl for Lucy, the soon-mother-to-be of our great-grandchild. I want everyone to have something I knit to wear to my funeral; but even if I don’t put it in quite that gloomy fashion, Lucy should have something. Greek Helen has a little Koigu shawl which she wears (at least when I am around) sort of neckerchief-fashion. That’s sort of what I’m aiming at.

Mia Rinde’s “Cameo Flower” in the current Knitty might be the answer. “Sock-weight” means I could do it in madtosh.

James’s wife Cathy has several things to choose from, but except for cosy hats – not quite right for a summer funeral – I don’t think she has any of my real successes. Maybe another little shawl there.

Hellie’s new husband Matt has at least a pair of socks. I remember consulting you guys at the time about whether the Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater extended to socks knit by one’s grandmother. Apparently not. 


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Had you thought of Evelyn Clarke's Wildflower Lace Scarf for Lucy? I've made this lots of times in sock yarn and it's really lovely, very wearable and not too old-fashioned for a young London lady.

  2. Has Lucy not got the Princess to wear? Or is that to be reserved for christenings?

  3. How lucky your family is to have these makes...I have made quilts for all my kids and grands. Hope they will be cared for and I'll be remembered when they use them.

  4. Easy for him to say you can manage without a carer! Glad all is in place. I've sent you a couple of really mindless shawl patterns good for sock weight. Not as lovely as Cameo Flowers.

  5. Carol, San Diego7:05 PM

    Small world? I attended Gesu School in the 50's; nearby to Hampton it appears. Our home was south of McNichols, a block east from U of D. I'd love to hear about some of your adventures about growing up in Detroit. Did you also attend high school there?
    Hope all works okay with the complicated arrangements for your husband's homecoming and card and getting all settled so that you can attend the Edinburgh Fest - and tell us all about it! Delighted to hear you are plowing through your sock projects