Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Look at that! An FO!

I hope I'll have the oomph to wrap it up as soon as it's dry. A task I dislike even more than setting in a zipper.

I had a good visit at the hospital yesterday, overlapping with Alexander. My husband doesn't seem to me to be making much progress, but a dr assured me that he is responding to treatment and Alexander thought him much sparkier than when he had last visited on Calcutta Cup day.

I finished the heel on the second Pakokku sock and am hellbent on the toe. It won't take much more of such hospital visiting to finish altogether. Shall I go on to Arne & Carlos, perhaps for Alexander? Or my new graduated sock balls from They're very bright, calling out for a young wearer.

As for Dunfallandy's place in the Overall Scheme of Things, I think I will fill that with the Tokyo shawl, and press on until it's done. Then I can decide whether to alternate the Sous Sous with the half-brioche sweater for me, or with the sleeved v-neck for my husband (which would mean getting hold of some madtosh Tannehill).

What delicious deciding!

AND I may have stumbled upon the answer to the question of what to do with those beautiful graduated skeins from the Pigeonroof Studio at Loop. A set of them = 240 yards.

My friend Kristie has been knitting Milo's for various fortunate babies. The Milo pattern apparently would let you go all the way up to the 12-month size with 240 yards of yarn. The flaw in the reasoning lies in the fact that Milo is written for DK and the Pigeonroof skeins are sock yarn. I think a fudge might be possible, aiming for a newborn size.


The primaries are certainly fun, splendid stuff for diverting the mind from one's troubles. The down side is that one of these people will be President of the United States in a year's time. (Bernie's too old; so is Bloomberg.)

I am greatly looking forward to South Carolina – it's obvious why the black vote would have gone solidly for Obama. Faced with a choice between an old white man and an old white woman, will they be so dependable? Might Sanders' message about inequality not have some appeal?

But there's nowt so queer as folk – no doubt about that.


  1. The blanket looks bee-ootiful. When it comes to wrapping it up - surely you can be excused fancy paper? Those heavy duty plastic envelopes/bags are superbly protective of anything that doesn't need padding.

  2. That is a thing of beauty, that blanket. Well done. I think that Bernie's appeal to people is their sense that they are working and struggling in an rigged economy. Economic growth is good, employment numbers are good, but wages remain stagnant and the wall street bonuses are back in full force. No one went to jail over the financial crimes of the big crash, or even paid big fines. People are frustrated. I am really curious to see the outcome of SC.

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Delicious deciding, indeed. Congratulations on finishing the blanket. One of my colleagues with two young children really loves Milo.
    - Beth in Ontario

  4. Anonymous1:38 PM

    The blanket is gorgeous and will be well-appreciated by the new parents, if not the actual recipient. Well done!

    Tgat Milo is cute, but IMO, you should spring for 2 sets and go for the BSJ. Milo in newborn seems like a lot of work for little wear.

    Hope husband truly is making progress and can come hme soon.

    Beverly in NJ

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  6. Congratulations on finishing - looks great!

  7. The Dunfallandy is gorgeous, Jean! Well done! As for the Milo, you are in luck. Last year the designer came out with a fingering weight version called Milo Bambino.

  8. Yay FO! Go you! I'd be tempted to use those graduated things for Runa Shawl more like this shawl I did a couple years ago. Simple lace and long runs of graduated color are a match made in Heaven, imho, but I'm a lace addict. (Ravelry link made public, so should work, hopefully).
    Here's hoping improvement and progress continues on all fronts, and if you're wondering, I'm voting for Bernie. I'm doing my best to judge candidates on the content of their character, and I like his stances better than Clinton's. Of course, I live in GA, so I really doubt the Democrats care about my state all that much, but I feel I should at least make the attempt.

  9. Anonymous5:45 PM

    The Dunfallandy blanket is an extraordinary achievement, Jean, and just beautiful! Can't wait to see a photo of it wrapped around its intended recipient. When is the little one expected on the shores of light? (I learned that expression from you, and am very grateful for it.) Continued prayers for your husband's recovery.

    Carol in Long Island

  10. The Dunfallandy blanket looks wonderful! And kudos on finishing it with all the ongoing alarums and excursions.

  11. Anne C. in Bethesda8:38 PM

    The blanket is magnificent, well done! A wonderful present for a special wee babe.

  12. skeindalous1:30 AM

    Ah. Your blanket is marvelous! Brava!

  13. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Really glad you introduced us to this blanket. Such interesting construction!
    The finished blanket is stunning.

  14. Anonymous12:54 AM