Sunday, February 28, 2016

Scotland won. We beat Italy, in Rome. Italy is universally regarded – certainly, by me – as the easiest win, but even so, it doesn’t always happen. And it was worth it, to see Vern Cotter smile. Knitlass will understand.

I switched it on when I got back from the hospital, and there was Greig Laidlaw lining up a kick. (I thought Scotland would never have anyone who could kick again, when Gavin Hastings retired; and again, when Chris Paterson did. And now, look at us! The rest of the rugby world may be a bit disdainful of Scotland, but they all must envy us Greig Laidlaw.) He’s exactly like Perdita when she calculates a naughty leap to a forbidden height, shrewd eyes weighing the knowns and the unknowns and then getting it right.

My poor husband, instead of being delighted at the firm promise of release on Wednesday, is horrified (and cross) at having to wait so long. He doesn’t understand the interlocking problems at all – social services care; district nurses visiting us twice a day for insulin; a week’s supply of pills in a bubble-pack; a two-man ambulance for the journey home, as he will need to be carried up six steps from the street. And it’s all my fault.

I finished the Arne & Carlos socks while at the hospital, as expected – but I haven’t finished-finished them yet. I cast on a Knitcircus sock, in an alarming pink. In fact, as it progresses, not as alarming as it looked at first.

This first section is actually two pinks, one very emphatic, the other paler. The combination is much more attractive than the emphatic one, alone, would have been. Is that how the graduation will progress? as the paler pink comes more and more to the fore? Watch this space.

But today I must finish the Arne & Carlos socks, and, I would hope, make a bit of progress with the Tokyo shawl. That didn’t happen at all yesterday.

I am very grateful for your help with Lucy’s Shawl. I haven’t yet picked up the ball, but will today, I hope.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the match - and Vern Cotter's smile! We'll gloss over the two yellow cards...

    Can't wait to see tge new socks - they sound gorgeous!

  2. Oh poor dear other half! Another one of these fellows who have never looked back to se the army of (mostly) women scurrying around joining dots and tying knots so that what he wills shall be. He has had some vey hard lessons to learn in this past year. Sympathy - to both of you.

  3. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Dear Jean,
    Has anyone ever suggested an anti-depressant for your husband? He has to be feeling tremendous anxiety over the loss of control over his life (not to mention the timor mortis you often speak of).
    My husband (nearing 80) has been taking a low dose of Cymbalta (duloxetine) for the past two years, and it's made a tremendous difference in his daily life and in our marriage. Probably best if the suggestion doesn't come from you, but one of his doctors or one of your children might have more success. It's just not fair that the blame for everything falls on you.
    Carol in Long Island

  4. I'm rather surprised that you have to have a nurse come in to administer the insulin. Most people (including myself) do it themselves. I am assuming its a long-acting insulin at only two shots a day.

  5. I look forward to reports of the gradations, I do like watching colors wash back and forth behind the needles. Also watching kitties settle in to take aim at something is such a pleasure. Little fuzzy athletes. I'm sorry your husband is not soothed in your terrific knowledge of and ability to align the multiple streams of home care so very necessary for his health and comfort. You never waver from any of this. As always, please stay rested. I am very far away, but I continue to send best prayer and energy for quiet hearts and peace of mind.

    Also, my resistance failed after reading about your Arne & Carlos yarn - and I purchased. This looks to be fun.

  6. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Jean from Cornwall said it so well. And as she said, sympathy to both of you.
    - Beth in Ontario