Friday, February 12, 2016

My husband was up and dressed yesterday, reading a book. I’ll take him some New Yorkers today – we’ve fallen far behind. He’s still on oxygen and antibiotics.

And – another FO!

I spent the evening finishing them off, and establishing an Arne&Carlos gent’s sized sock on the needles – I’ve got to have something to carry about with me, and it works best if whatever-it-is has already been cast on. It’s too soon to exclaim in delight. Maybe after today’s hospital visit.

The Winter VK turned up yesterday, a delightful surprise.

This is the issue heavily tilted towards Bohus. There’s nothing to tempt me very seriously, but I like No. 2, where the Bohus element has been transferred to the sleeves; No 12, a feather-and-fan sleeveless vest on which the chevrons invert themselves a couple of times; and 21, another sleeveless vest, buttoned this time, in a huge yarn and a traditional Fair Isle pattern.

I must take a close look at the pattern for No. 12, to see how that inversion is achieved. And don’t miss (as you easily might, because it’s buried in her article) Meg’s Bohus-as-you-go technique. I wish the illustration showed us more of that sweater.

The other knitterly news, surely familiar to all by now, is that Kate Davies is working on a hap shawl book, the patterns largely (or perhaps entirely) by other designers, the text – which will form half of the book – by KD, “the history of haps, hap knitting, and hap wearing”.

The problem there will be that Sharon Miller has already done it, as of course KD knows. It will be very interesting to see what emerges. Beautiful photographs guaranteed.

 Flipboard has pointed me to Violet Lynx Dyeworks and their beautiful graduated cashmere-silk yarn. I seem to have become obsessed with graduation.


  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Best wishes for a calm weekend!

  2. Did you know that you can read the New Yorker on their special iPad or iPhone app with your subscription? I still get the print edition because well the New Yorker. But practically all my reading is on my iPad. Or occasionally on their website.

    Good news of the patient. Happy Presidents' Day weekend!

  3. I wondered about Sharon Miller's and the new KD hap book. But it sounds like KD's will have modern designs and Sharon's (which is on the bookshelf, practially untouched) is all history. Good news that the patient is up and dressed. That must feel like a real step forward.

  4. Anonymous1:39 PM

    So glad to hear your husband is recovering from this latest episode. New Yorker - I don't know how anyone keeps up, we stopped subscribing because we couldn't. Nice-looking socks. Jean, do you Fleece Artist, based in Nova Scotia? Variegated rather than graduated and I know it's a different kind of charm. My current socks are their Phoenix mix, not visible just now on their website and the picture here doesn't do it justice: - wonderful bright reds, blue, a deep cold, so good to knit and wear in my current wintry white world.
    - Beth in Ontario

  5. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Sorry for typos - house is still cold this morning. Phoenix has a deep "gold", not "cold".
    - Beth in Ontario

  6. The cold that's going around here in North Carolina is putting many people to bed, and they still end up with an infection of some sort before recovery is complete. A particularly nasty virus. "Dressed and reading" sounds so comfortable.

    It was amazing you missed the craze for gradients until now, but you are taking it a step further with cashmere gradients. Thanks (I think) for the link to Violet Lynx.