Saturday, February 06, 2016

OK: husband still in hospital, but much brighter yesterday. We hope to have him back soon, even tomorrow, and are worried again about whether social services will decide to withdraw care because he's been away too long. And I've got a chesty cough, presumably deriving from the same bugs. I'm not feverish, but my already weakened state is further diminished. Our GP offers open access first thing in the morning, I believe. I'll go on Monday if not greatly improved, to see if they think an antibiotic might help.

And today is Calcutta Cup day. We are ready; we are angry.

Let's go back to London. On Tuesday I had lunch with grandson Thomas and his wife Lucy, barristers both, in the great hall at Lincoln's Inn. Good food, too. I had thought before I went south that it was quite likely, among all those people who knew the sex of the expected great-grandchild, that someone would let slip a pronoun. Thomas himself did, over lunch at Lincoln's Inn.

There's not much more than a month to go now. Lucy looks and seems very well.

After lunch we walked down to the Strand where they handed me over to Cathy at the Savoy Theatre for the matinee of Guys and Dolls. We had a grand time. Brilliant dancing, pretty good singing. Last night I watched on my iPad the "Fugue for Tinhorns" (the opening song) and of course "Sit Down; You're Rocking the Boat". Maybe you have to be American to give it that last little bit of oomph.

As for actual knitting, I pressed those Pakokku socks forward although not quite as much as I had hoped. What with London, and sitting around the hospital on Thursday while my husband was being assessed and admitted, I am nearly to the heel of the second sock.

I'm still laboriously binding off the Dunfallandy blankie. This afternoon's sport should advance one or the other.


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Very glad to hear husband is doing better.

    It will be nice to finish off those socks. They've been on the needles (and sidebar) for a long time.

    I hope you aren't really ill. A little cough is one thing, but a full-blown infection quite another. Do get to the doc if you aren't better Monday morning.

    Beverly in NJ

  2. They're loathe to hand out antibiotics these days but hopefully your doc will think differently. Have you had the flu jab? Hoping for a win at today's match.

  3. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Do look after yourself, Jean. Are you an afficionada of a nice long soak in a hot bath? I am! It always makes me feel better and does seem to improve the cough.
    Enjoying the tales of your London visit. you are kind to share them wit us all.

    Helen (anon)

  4. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I hope you and your husband both feel much better soon, and that his home care can be reinstituted quickly.
    So glad you enjoyed the Guys and Dolls performance. It was revived here in NY a few years back, but I was a bit disappointed. I didn't sense the zest for Runyon's dialogue that I enjoy so much, though the singing and dancing were fine.
    Thanks for not sharing the pronoun that Thomas let slip. I still want to be surprised.
    Feel better soon!

    Carol in Long Island

  5. Let's hope that, whatever the pronoun, the infant will live up to the wonderful Dunfallandie blankie.

  6. =Tamar3:15 PM

    It's good to hear that he's doing better. Also hoping the doctor can help you.

  7. Sounds wonderful - Guys and Dolls is one of my favorites. Even with Marlon Brando singing. Glad you have a day or two to rest at home if watching the Calcutta Cup is restful. May you have a new project in the lineup after today!

  8. Jean, so glad to hear that your husband is doing better-such a worry, always.
    Shandy, for shame! Don't you know that, just like all brides are beautiful, all babies are precious and perfect? Also, I believe that Thomas and Lucy understand the difference between a hand-knit made with love and a store bought !

  9. Sorry about the cup, but at least that takes any knitting pressure off . . .
    Wishing health to all.

  10. Hope you have a great afternoon's knit, and that the cough gets better soon! Oh, got any good sources for fixing holes in lace? I've been working on this Fountain Pen shawl on and off since june and just noticed a hole. Given that I think this yarn is cursed (gorgeous stuff, I have 6 skeins (prism lacewool), wonderful to work with, but I've never had so many project issues in my life), I refuse to frog back. There's also a couple snags, but I'm ignoring them till blocking for sanity's sake.

  11. I am pleased your husband is on the mend. Please do take care of yourself, coughs and colds seem to linger as I age.

    Now I have to You Tube 'Guys & Dolls'!

    Thank you for sharing your London travels. It is plain to see, your company is treasured by many.