Monday, February 08, 2016

My husband was no better and no worse yesterday – still not strong enough to read, but lucid and cheerful. I sat with him for a couple of hours, and reached the heel flap of the second Pakokku sock. Round the heel today and on down the foot, I hope. I'll be glad to say goodbye to this pair.

A dr phoned in the late afternoon, while I was drinking tea with a friend, to say that my husband wasn't responding as well as expected to the antibiotic and she had therefore added another. It was a worrying call for what it didn't say, so my friend and I went to the hospital (fortunately, it's close) and found him as before, uninspired by his evening meal. I'll ring up this morning and try to make an appt to talk to a dr.

My own health continues to improve.

Thank you, Jenny, for the reminder that it was Pigeonroof Mini Skeins I saw and admired at Loop. I do like them, and would buy like a shot if I could think of anything plausible to do with them. But would there be enough yarn even for a small-size BSJ?

In the account of my London adventures, we have reached Thursday. A quiet day. I met Rachel for lunch at a humble Vietnamese cafe near her work. In the evening a substantial number of us met for supper at the Chicken Shop in Balham. The Chicken Shop is a small London chain. Proceedings were somewhat delayed because Hellie's new husband Matt went to the Chicken Shop in Tooting instead.

A fragment is quoted from the ancient poet Archilochus – six words, in Greek: "The fox knows many tricks, the hedgehog only one – but it's a good one." Well, the Chicken Shop is a hedgehog among restaurants. Go, if you can.

They sell grilled free-range chicken. With it you can have a green salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, fried potatoes. Afterwards, apple pie or a brownie, with or without ice cream. I first heard of it at Hellie and Matt's wedding – they had Chicken Shop hot sauce on every table. I remembered the name, and tried googling. But it turns out you can only get Chicken Shop hot sauce by going to the Chicken Shop.

We had a happy evening at the Balham branch. My only regret is not ordering corn on the cob. I love it, and only abstained because it was so utterly out of season. But everything else was so sublimely good – those potato fries beggared description – that I cannot believe the magic would have failed to transform an imported corn cob.

I was sitting next to Matt. On Tuesday, at lunch, Thomas had used a subject pronoun ("he" or "she") to refer to his unborn child. It is possible that I misheard. But Matt referred to the baby with an unmistakeable noun.

On Friday I went to the Lewis Carroll exhibition – you've already heard about that. So that wraps up London. I didn't do well on pictures but I'll show you one of the Sydenham Mileses' Chinese cat tomorrow.


  1. Lucid and cheerful is so good - given the way things have been. Difficult that they are now adding another antibiotic - it is hard to know whether to worry or not.

  2. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Thinking positive thoughts from across the Atlantic.
    Your readers were hoping 2016 would bring less stress. Maybe the new year of the monkey in the lunar year can bring change for the better somehow.
    take care of yourself too

  3. Sometimes Drs add a new antibiotic but at first don't want to give up any protection that the other might provide since ending one too soon could create rebound (stronger) bugs. I hope it's just that the new antibiotic is more targeted to his specific bug and they end the other soon. Hope he's better and you get an appointment with the doc soon.

  4. Anonymous3:19 PM

    dear Jean,
    Hope the new antibiotic proves to be a belt and suspenders situation--the doctors being extra cautious given his age and medical history. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you both.
    Carol in Long Island

  5. The set is 260 yards, not enough perhaps for a BSJ. Lucid and cheerful is much better than lucid and grouchy! I googled Chicken Shop and there is also one in Chicago. So, next visit to London or Chicago, I guess.

  6. I'm glad your husband felt cheerful, wobbly health can be so all-encompassing. A room with a bit of privacy and nice visitors no doubt. Pigeonroof Mini Skeins are very attractive; the type of thing I might purchase and not knit. My best for both your health.

  7. skeindalous4:09 PM

    Perhaps if you bought two sets of the gradient yarn you could get a good sized BSJ from them?
    Worth a try!

  8. Hope all is well. An off recent topic, but very pertinent link. Sharon Miller is now selling on Etsy not on the HK website ( spotted on Ravelry)