Wednesday, March 04, 2020

A day of event and, indeed, achievement – low on exercise, though:

  1. Daniela, who cleans my house and does my laundry, has come back from Romania, and order has been restored. She brought me some fresh feta, too. I have been increasingly anxious, of late, about taking baths, for fear of falling. (I don’t have a shower; but I doubt if that would be any better, fear-of-falling-wise.) So today I had a bath while she was here. I will continue with that practice.

  2. I have finished row 88 of the borders of the Cameron Shawl. A new decade! – the 80’s instead of the 90’s!

   3. I have finished the first ball of yarn. See sidebar.

I must give serious thought to that Carol Sunday Oak Park scarf. The difficulty is tearing myself away from the delights of lace knitting. I am scheduled to go on a cruise to the upper left-hand corner of Scotland – they bill it as a “wilderness cruise” – in May, and I am busy planning my cruise wardrobe on the “Toast” website.

I probably won’t actually buy much, if anything, but it’s fun to think about. And most of the things I am thinking about are dark blue and would go rather well with that scarf. Indeed, would need that scarf to lighten the gloom.


The coronavirus noose tightens, a bit. It’s fun, if I may go so far as to say so, to have something like this which puts us all in the same boat and on the same side, the world around.

Alexander and Ketki and their sons will drop in here on Sunday morning, before the Scotland-France rugby match. 

I've just finished re-reading John Le Carre's "Looking Glass War". Very good, rather depressing. Perhaps I'll go back to Penelope Lively for cheerfulness.


  1. I trust you have "grab rails" in the correct places in the bathroom?

  2. re the virus. We travelled on the train which goes past Bicester Shopping Village today. It is so much used by tourists that announcements are in a number of languages. Today we barely saw a single one.

    1. Anonymous7:26 PM

      Bad for business definitely. Normally that whole area is heaving and so is the train.

  3. =Tamar2:19 AM

    Yay, Daniela is back! Besides grab bars, other helpful bath items include grippy things stuck to the bottom of the tub so you don't slip, seats that have one end in the tub and you sit down and slide across, etc.

    Casual shopping is down somewhat here in Maryland, but there were still quite a few people in the shops, and the popular restaurant was busy.