Friday, November 12, 2021


I cancelled the colonoscopy. It feels like the right decision. So far I have spoken only to a sympathetic nurse on the telephone. She said to discuss it with my GP. We’ll see. Meanwhile I am devoting myself to feeling cheerful.


The mother cheetah moved her kittens out a whole week ago. I do miss them, especially at this most enchanting moment of their young lives – we’ve missed their fourth week. I am sure the zoo is keeping a close eye on them, but they aren’t doing a very good job of reporting back to us.


I am desperately keen to see the new VK with Michelle on the cover. I am delighted, so far, with Norah Gaughan as editor. A favourite designer.


No knitting so far today. I may manage some this evening – I’ve got another podcast lined up. Nor am I much further forward with planning the knitting for the new great-grandchild. I think I’m inclining towards your suggestion, Ron: that square EZ shawl from the Almanac. A Log Cabin would involve thinking, even if we managed to eliminate sewing, and I don’t feel like thinking. And if done with sock yarn, as you suggest, that shawl would be easy to wash and colourful. And one could easily throw in some lacy motifs if so inclined.


Last night I wrote a whole little blog post for you, and then forgot to post it, no doubt because I was so agitated with my new idea of cancelling the colonoscopy. That’s why we’ve got two posts today.



  1. My husband told his MD that he didn't really want to do a colonoscopy and did he really have to in his 70's. They said no. I had an in-home test to do, rather than the most recent colonoscopy. Well worth discussing it.

  2. I was recently told they are not recommended for people over 75. Since I turned 75 last month I was very happy to hear this!

  3. Rebecca in MN12:04 AM

    The big question re. all these tests is whether you want to do anything about it if something is found, especially in later life.

  4. Discussion with GP sounds a plan. Meanwhile, sounds like you've plenty of knitting to do! I've just got the J&S teacosy number 4 off the needles and am weaving in ends and doing surreptitious bits of concealing a dropped stitch and very floaty floats before The Steek moment.