Friday, November 26, 2021


We’re supposed to be having a storm tonight, but it doesn’t seem to have started yet. There’s some wind. Helen is due in from Greece this evening, and I should see her tomorrow, once she has collected her dog.


I haven’t done much, except to look knitting in the face and get scared. The Calcutta Cup is in early February next year – in the Good Old Days it was always the last match of the Five Nations series, whether here or in London. (That would have been sometime in March.) The new great-grandchild is due in April, I don’t know whether early or late. And here I sit knitting something else entirely (when I knit at all) – Carol Sunday’s Machu Picchu sweater. I want to get it up to the underarm before I abandon it. It needs another three or three and a half inches, and the yarn is fairly fine.


It doesn’t sound so bad, when I set it down in black and white like that. But I must step up production. General feebleness is no excuse for not knitting.


No cheetahs, again today. I trust that means, no storms in DC. My sister has sent pictures of their outdoors Thanksgiving, and it looks very jolly.

The storm seems to be picking up speed. Should I worry about Helen's airplane?




  1. =Tamar2:42 AM

    The weather was clear and sunny today in D.C.
    The trouble with worry is that unless there is something you can do about the situation, it doesn't help.
    December, Jan, Feb, March - you have a good three months to knit stuff. Knit what you want to knit. Enjoy.
    Happy solstice-adjacent holidays - I hear there are 29 coming up, in various countries and belief systems.

  2. I was pleased to hear news of Archie's course - thank goodness he has found something to suit.
    What was it EZ said:" Knit on, through all adversities"...or something like that.

  3. That sounds like a good fit for Archie, based on what we read about him here! Yesterday I darned socks which have been sitting in a bag with a darning egg for at least a year. I feel quite smug.