Saturday, November 20, 2021


Mr Biden seems to be all right.


I’m puzzled about one thing, though. The BBC says that the meeting with the “amigos” was on Thursday. My instructions said to eat nothing that day, to take two doses of a laxative they supplied, and to stay near a bathroom. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has had a colonoscopy agrees that the day before is the worst part of the ordeal. No one could possibly entertain neighbouring heads of state on such a day, could they? Maybe the BBC got the day wrong. Maybe the amigos came on Wednesday.


I continue remarkably feeble, although my arm is no longer sore. Maybe tomorrow.


I’ve got a bill to pay by cheque – very second millennium. I gathered up all the required elements – cheque book, the bill itself, a pen, an envelope, stamps. Then I fell back exhausted. I’ll dispatch it tomorrow. How complicated life used to be.




Thank you for the link to the pictures of zebras yesterday, Mary Lou. Fascinating. They’re clearly much more trainable than I thought, although I’m glad we’ve stopped doing it.


I’ve looked in on the cheetahs several times today, finding nobody at home. I hit it lucky at my lunchtime, their late breakfast. The kittens are very big and very active now, although hind legs continue unreliable. I even got to see one of them attack his mother’s tail. She didn’t seem to mind. When a domestic kitten does that, the mother is likely to whip the tail to the other side, but usually can’t resist tapping the very tip of it in irritation – which the kitten, of course, regards as a delicious extension of the game and the mother’s irritation increases. Maybe cheetahs don’t express irritation by tapping the tips of their tails.




Not much, but a bit. I seem to want 13” for the body, and I’ve done 9”.


  1. =Tamar8:00 PM

    As a proud dinosaur (though not entirely luddite), I still pay all my bills by cheque. But I think I recognize the apparent symptom - not really wanting to have to do it. Beware procrastination!
    Any knitting is good knitting
    Hooray for patient cheetah mothers.

  2. I had the procedure about 4 months ago. The evacuation starts in the evening for a colonoscopy the following afternoon.

  3. When my husband was prepping for his colonoscopy, he had to drink large quantities of what we called "drain cleaner" ie 3-4 litres. This induced both urgency and frequency of an unprecedented nature - and yet he still needed squash to stay hydrated. No, he certainly wasn't up to running the country on that day.

  4. A friend of mine had his colonoscopy at a place that offered a system to flush out your colon if you didn't want the purge. The brochure for it was fascinating- describing what must be a super intense enema in vague happy sounding language. So maybe that's what Pres Biden had to keep his day free.

  5. I'm glad to hear that the UK postal service is still reliable enough for posting checks. Or cheques. Here in the US I've had to give that up.