Saturday, June 27, 2015

A quick log-in to let you know that all's (more or less) well. Archie is here – he will fly off to Athens later today. His mother reports that people are now queuing around the corner to withdraw money from cash machines. He is delighted with the kitten.

I have reached the 4th row of the final rank of lozenges on the Fantoosh. Wimbledon next week – I think it's sufficiently easy knitting that I can polish it off. If not, there are always pocket squares. It looks to me as if there's going to be enough yarn.

An anxious topic, especially as my friend Kristie – the woman to whom I owe that happy, happy weekend in Shetland – is knitting the smaller Fantoosh, with a yarn other than Old Maiden Aunt's, and she is running short although that shouldn't be happening according to the yardages specified on the respective ballbands. Judging from the point at which I joined in my second skein of yarn, one skein of proper OMA yarn would be adequate for the smaller shawl, just as Kate Davies says.


  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Hello Jean, I'm enjoying seeing and hearing about your new kitten, she seems delightful. I'm also knitting the smaller Fantoosh in the proper yarn, it's also a delight and I think will be quite big enough to wear with a jacket and is so soft.

  2. Oh the mysteries of yarn, gauge, and subbing.