Monday, June 15, 2015

Bless you, Beth. I had nearly forgotten how knitting faster gets the project done before you run out of yarn. In prosperous old age, I just buy too much.

I put your timely reminder into practice yesterday, and it seems to be working! I have finished the 16-lozenge rank of the Fantoosh and embarked on the following 18 lozenges: have done five of the sixteen rows of that one, and have enough yarn for two more rows at least (I think). The mathematical middle of the shawl must be around here somewhere.

Maybe I'll just stop worrying and trust Kate Davies.

Yes, Zite can be irritating, Birgit. I probably shouldn't rely on it as much as I do for knitterly web-browsing. It's not just Anna Mo at the moment – it's that man who has been knitting frames of a movie into scarves. I've never clicked through to a story about him, so can't tell you any more. Could we improve it by expressing approval from time to time? I often wonder how much the Zites each of us reads differ from each other.


No news, really.

Helen sent this picture of me giving my husband a wee hurl around the hospital garden on Saturday. You can clearly see that his right hand is swollen.

When we went back in, we found ourselves in a day room where the Trooping of the Colour (or whatever it's called) was on television. We watched that for a while – most impressive. The Queen is six months younger than my husband, the Duke of Edinburgh several years older. They both appeared to be in good form, and there was lots of standing up involved.


  1. Love " a wee hurl " so descriptive. Although I think that expression implies a bit of speed ! ( at least it did when I was little ).
    Glad your husband seems to be a bit more accepting of the situation. Hopefully that will easy the strain on you.
    Love hearing about your Fantoosh. Although not a lace knitter I am sorely tempted.

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Word of reason, here: are there wedding handkerchief squares still to be knit? If you (later) have full care of your husband at home it might be very difficult to knit the squares at the last moment.

  3. I saw a clip on the news of the Trooping and was struck, as always, by the Queen's ability to stand so straight and look so interested at 90 (or so) However, neither of those two have type 1 Diabetes. I used your husband (who I don't even know) in a conversation with a friend, boosting her attitude about being able to live a long life with diabetes. You look every bit as good as HRH in that picture. Is it out of the question that there is more yarn available for Fantoosh?

  4. I am also always amazed at the Queen's ability to stand still and uprighty for such long periods; I'm 20 years younger than her and I'm ok when I can keep moving, if I stand still for even a short time, I start shuffling - my back starts aching and I have to move again. How does she do it?
    A lovely photo of you and your husband - I hope 'they' recognise what is wrong with his hand and are able to put it right.