Monday, June 22, 2015

We had a good hospital visit yesterday, before James and Cathy headed south. They admired Perdita.

I finished the 20-lozenge rank of the Fantoosh, and even knitted the first row of the 22's – the penultimate rank. As you can see from the sidebar, adding 20 has boosted the percentage nicely.

And I finished Lucy Neatby's “Fearless Knitting” course in Craftsy. The lesson on seaming made me want to cast all else aside and knit a four- or five-piece sweater just to practice what I have learned. The Sous Sous will at least have short side seams. I am embarrassed to have to tell you that I have always just used back-stitch. Now it will be mattress stitch for side-to-side and some very neat footwork for other conjunctions, such as setting in a fitted sleeve, where you create a row of knitting using a darning needle, like grafting only more so.


All continues well. She is very affectionate, preferring always to be in the room where I am even while pursuing her own mad ideas. Last night when I was eating my simple supper of Crombie's Special Pork sausages, she got on the table and asked for some. I cut off a little piece. She ate it with relish. I gave her some more. She even lapped up a bit of ketchup. When she had had enough, she washed her pretty face with the air of a cat who has had a decent meal at last.

So the difficulty is not solid food, it's Waitrose Total Nutrition Kitten pellets. I don't fancy them myself.

 I won't go on feeding her sausage and ketchup, of course, but might try a little bit of fresh minced beef today.


  1. There you are with your kitten food. Would you want your food in pill form, as was predicted in the comics of the 60's? As I grew up by the sea, our cats were very partial to fish - Dad used to catch sand eels, and sprats were a particular favourite. She is probably a bit young for that yet awhile.
    I still find it hard to understand why no manufacturer produces mouse flavour in their ranges.

  2. No self respecting kitten eats pellets. I am surprised anyone produces them for kittens. Pellets will help to keep their teeth clean later but she needs to be at least a year old - or that is what the vet told us about our cats.
    She is obviously going to be a delight though and wonderful company for you both.

  3. Perdita is obviously a kitten who has superior tastes. Good to know she is eating.

  4. Good to know she is a healthy kitten with good taste. Fantoosh has certainly swooshed along. I stumbled upon a post by the tech editor for Fantoosh with some nice photos.

  5. Your travails with Perdita remind me of a puppy we had for a while. For health reasons we were feeding him heart. When he got adopted, his new owner told me he wouldn't eat heart, he would only eat steak! That was one spoiled puppy.
    Reading about your enjoyment of Fantoosh encouraged me to drop all my current WIPs and start it. I had an appropriate yarn in stash so as soon as I had downloaded the pattern I could start. It is sailing along very enjoyably. I am about to get to the transition row for the 14 lozenge rank. It needs exactly as much concentration as I have to give.

  6. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I am looking forward to the photos of the finished Fantoosh!
    It sounds terrific indeed.
    Glad you had a good weekend with your family.
    Best wishes for the coming week,

  7. A little poached fish as well..

  8. Crombie's sausages, no less. A kitten with expensive tastes! Glad went the weekend well.

  9. As a cat person, I love hearing about Perdita...can I ask for more photos? She seems so sweet and smart waiting for Crombie's sausages...
    And nice news that you had a good hospital visit.