Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Today is Rachel's birthday. I'm sure I've told you before that they came around the ward with newspapers, the morning she was born, and I bought an Express and looked up the horoscope for my new little person -- "Not a day you will remember." Fully up to the standard of the Delphic Oracle. I've still got it.

I've had a good start to the day. I have paid an electricity bill on-line (I find on-line banking very useful, but rather stressful) and have taxed the car for another year.

And yesterday was another reasonably good day on the knitting front – three long rows done on the Fantoosh, establishing the twisted rib for the 22 lozenges. I won't call those rows the hardest of the pattern – nothing is hard; it's fun. But they're the slowest, and now they're finished.

My husband continues to improve, and is beginning to press for a release date. The Great Man makes his rounds on Monday, and told my husband yesterday that they were as keen to get rid of him as he was to leave. He then named a few goals, sine die. I remain anxious about how we are ever going to manage again, but I have great faith in this place – especially the energetic O.T. woman – to break the problem down into its component parts and address them one by one.

Perdita continues to delight. Here she is just now, helping me write the blog.

I told my husband about her supper of sausages and ketchup and I am afraid he seized on the salient point – you must never feed cats on the table.

Last night at bedtime I read “The Tale of Miss Moppet” to her which I think she enjoyed.


  1. She is adorable - but I agree, not to be fed at the table (but under the table when nobody else is looking? :) )

  2. Ours are always on the table at mealtimes to see what they can have which usually isn't much and their own food is in the kitchen.
    It's only wrong if the individual doesn't like it but we don't mind so it's not wrong for us! :) One of ours even reaches out and will take food off our plate if she thinks it's tasty!

  3. My cats are such a comfort and a delight. I'm so glad you got yourself a kitten!
    I hope that things continue to improve with your husband and that you find the help you need when he is home. My stepfather recently employed a caregiver to come into the house several half-days a week so that my mom can go out without worrying about him (he's not very stable on his feet these days) and it has made a world of difference. The right help is a boon.

  4. She is so gorgeous. Trust the man in the case to home in on what I would regard as the least salient point! Yes of course you don't feed cats on the table - except that in this case it as more a case of needing to feed the cat as and when you could. A Mother could put him right there!
    My little cat was not fed at the table. That would be why he sat on the neat stack of newspapers on the windowseat, right next to my Father's place. From where he could reach out a paw and remove tasty morsels from my Father's fork, as he raised it to his mouth. But he wasn't on the table was he?

  5. Did Perdita look at the pictures? I hope there is not a mouse around to tease her. Will she pose a problem when blocking Fantoosh?

  6. Perdita is lovely, and I am so happy that you have her to keep you company. My heart melts a little with each photo of her that you post.

  7. The kitten is adorable. I have cats and dogs and believe the pets are a great distraction from the negatives in life! Fingers crossed for your husbands release and the ease of getting back into that routine.

  8. Perdita has the most adorable face. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything if she were around. I'm glad you have her to keep you company. :)

  9. Ohhh sweet Perdita, she is adorable. Love the idea of you reading “The Tale of Miss Moppet” to her. Kittens are such a joy.

    I do hope she leaves the knitting alone. My sister has to either shut her self in the other room or sit in the garden to knit without kitty help. I simply allow mine next to me while knitting, but my girls are senior citizens.

  10. Oh my the photos are lovely. What a sweet face she has. I am still laughing at the idea of you reading her a bedtime story!
    Table feeding: my husband would never allow our Dora (a tortishell) on the table, but he gives me morsels to feed her as she sits next to my chair.

    We once had a very large mostly white and black cat who would stand on his hind legs so he could see over the table. He once hooked a meatball from our daughter's plate, much to her delight.
    Fascinating creatures to share our lives....

  11. Aw! Now I have kitten envy! She's SO cute!